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  1. i had similar problem pigeon shooting in September with a bloke getting aggressive about a "Bag of pigeons" that he found on some land that he walks his dog around that I don't have permission to shoot on .He wouldn't except that it wasn't me that dumped there(if there ever was any) , he then left with his final words of " if you want to shoot pigeons go out in the country side and do it you d**khead " 😂
  2. i just use the windows one nothing fancy but does a job
  3. This is the only farm I have where he seems to leave the rape stubble for a couple of weeks , I have no idea why he does it but I'm certainly not complaining 😂
  4. well in Jacko , the line taken seems to be right just slightly below I once had this issue and put a stock extension on my old gun , this made a massive difference 👌 keep the videos coming
  5. Driving between two fields a rape stubble and an almost failed rape we was opting to shoot the failed rape as there was a considerably lot more birds going into it but for this field we would of needed to set up in the middle and but the wind was blowing hard so we opted to go back to the rape stubbles that had a good flightline going over it , we set up about half 12 and finished with 327 safe to say we didn't see that coming . we was using a clicker but we ended up finding 12 more then we clicked so more work on the concentration is needed 😂
  6. Aye it certainly helps when picking up 👍 Cheers mate appreciate that 100% was 😂
  7. it will come Dave , stick at it 👌 Good cheers mossy , should have her back with me for the start of the game season
  8. Here's a video from a recent outing where we finished with 200 exactly . I had to pack up early as I was already late to a family party which didn't go down well 😂 I was been selective trying to drop them in the bare patch and couldn't shoot to my right as there was a caravan storage no to far away . enjoy
  9. Brilliant 😂😂 Ive set off a few times including on driven days and thought ******** my gun is still sat in the cabinet and had to turn around 😂
  10. Cheers chaps seen a few building up the last couple of days on some failed patches of wheat and some swathed rape so hopefully should be busy this weekend 👌
  11. This is our 4th and final trip out in July with bags of 283 - Laid barley 122 laid wheat 200 standing wheat this time around we was shooting on rape stubble - if I could of picked weather it would of been the opposite of what we had as it was 25 degrees with no wind we lost roughly 40 behind us , the harder we tried for pigeons to not drop in the thick bank and large drain, the more they seemed to drop there ,but was not to concerned as there's a large fox den nearby . enjoy ✌️
  12. Fair enough , could you tell me what number determines a big day and next time I hit the given number I'l then call that day " the big day " 😂😂
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