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  1. Could be wrong but didn't monkton shut down a year or so ago ?
  2. good shooting Al , im sure you already that hen bird hid behind a tree just in case you missed one 😂
  3. its a sony ax53 , I had a gopro 3 before
  4. nice one AL I'm over in Ireland end of October shooting driven duck in the mountains not far from Londonderry
  5. Excluding over runs but clear pigeon is all I use ,On pigeons and game since they changed them back to a clear case I find them as hard hitting as anything else
  6. Nice shooting Al Out of curiosity what the law in Ireland and N.Ireland with using lead ? is it the same rules as England or do the rules align with Scotland ?
  7. I typed into youtube how to add a thumbnail then it shows you through the steps 👍 I'm not surprised its a fair old size Had an exceptional year this year , although this is probably the worst year I have had on stubbles ,most farms seem to be ploughing the fields in 2 days after its been cut
  8. Had a drive around on Saturday to see if there was anything worth shooting at ,but with the heat of this weekend I didn't see anything that I thought would be worth setting up so called it defeat and went to watch my mate play cricket near to where I live .While watching one of the most boring sports known to man 😂 I noticed a steady flight line flying over the cricket green and to a spot where there is a load of fields .Sunday I took the dog out for a walk and found where they was heading and it turned out to be a field I could shoot but was going out later so couldn't shoot - Monday afternoon it was time ,the only problem was a wheat field had been cut nearby and the pigeons was going wild for it ,we managed to pick a bag of 70 ,would of picked more but didn't have the dog as it was for to hot to have her out
  9. JMsTV


    Can you point me in the right direction as to where I will find these topless models please ?😂
  10. JMsTV


    Don't suppose any one on here has Instagram do they? I Only follow14 people so after following some more like minded people Here is my account https://www.instagram.com/josh_mackenzie92/
  11. He is a she and she's called Leia 😂 She loves shooting more then me .On shoot days we have to feed her 1st thing as soon as the plus 4s come out she runs to the front door and wags her tail and wont leave it ,not even to eat 😂
  12. Out on Sunday for a couple of hours with the pooch ,Been a strange one around here on the stubbles this year ,not near the usual amount of pigeons we normally have .
  13. Same at this end ,some of the barley now in , a couple of rape fields ,But the fields I'm expecting to produce big bags are still yet to be harvested
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