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  1. Wesley , I meant as a permanent move . I know I can bring them with meif I go there to shoot following exactly the procedure you said. Didn't mean to confuse the issue.
  2. My RFD can't send any guns to southern Ireland only northern but is able to receive guns from a southern Ireland RFD . This is what he told me back in November so kind of a one way operation I'm told.
  3. My application went in may16th and came in the post Aug 15th ish.
  4. I like fairgrounds and bars . I'll suggest it to my pub landlord to get the crowd in.
  5. Who's your instructor Wayne? He's really good . It's a nice laid back place the A1.
  6. 50 calibre handgun really good for shooting the burglar hiding behind the refrigerator next door.
  7. Been a member for about 4 months now ,never introduced myself and that's unforgivable. I've been educated on a lot of stuff shooting related since I've joined and it's a great source of information. A big heads up to wabbitbosher (Mick) unfortunately I had newcomers lack of patience and bought elsewhere but I'm saving to come and see you .
  8. Got mine a month ago ,bank balance already suffering. Enjoy.
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