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  1. Just seen two defender Sterling nose to nose gun metal grey with black trims and extras must admit they looked fantastic i past in my 110 think I will stick with the 110
  2. We were up on our syndicate last Sunday they had left the nest sight but in big groups there were 1 or 2 not so confident and they were hanging around those farmer asked for them to be shot to protect lambs we got 6 and 3squizers
  3. Zero scope on air rifle at 25 yards make sure scope is ok then transfer to rifle start at 25 yards and move out could be scope
  4. Try Stebbings of kings Lyn i got defender 110 from them ex raf they had 2 in went for oldest but far fewer miles still going strong
  5. Volkswagen transporter t 5 I had a 54 Reg like driving a car but like you describe sat up and high enough just to step in and out really comfortable on long journeys
  6. I have shot one for the last 10years and it’s never let me down havnt tried steel but lead to believe that with open choke like you described is fine and I would think you are spot on good luck with the sale
  7. That is ok as long as the block work behind the dot and dab is not thermalise light weight block which are very soft and the fixings may just pull out I would try fixing to the floor or my friend had the same issue and put his up into the lift where you will have bare bock work and can fix into concrete block hope this helps
  8. Watching this put some pictures in please planning on making one my self roofing laths should be good I think not expensive or if you know a roofer he might have some off cuts good luck
  9. Thanks feltwad it looks like you have a a fantastic collection I think that Steven smith or the family have clay grounds up in Northumberland and they also had a shop in hexam
  10. Thanks feltwad I got them a good lad who was packing up I will never use them but i was intrigued thanks again
  11. Anyone know gram size Steve smith’s of friars street Newcastle clay and game shells are there is a picture of a lab and a clay on them no 6 shot thanks for looking
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