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  1. Hi I would like it delivered if ok I am up near Durham thanks
  2. Hi my address 31corscombe close ferryhill Co Durham Dl178db  if you let me know payment details and total I will get it sorted thanks 

    1. WalkedUp


      Ian this is a public message with your address on it. May be best to delete and send privately. 

  3. Yes No problem have you got any idea of total cost and payment details I will get it sorted thanks
  4. Hi I would like it delivered if ok I am up near Durham thanks
  5. Hi I would like the percussion set if can post thanks
  6. I bet they were a tasty bit of meat
  7. That will stick to your ribs very good grub along with brisket my local butchers favourite cut slow cooked onion gravy with all the trimmings he says the best Sunday dinner you can get
  8. Absolutely I have 110 59 plate puma engine it’s my work and weekend drive I hope it lasts me out great motors
  9. Will be a grand motor when finished at that price I don’t think you will have long to wait good luck with the sale
  10. Last ferreting trip today 8 very good rabbits layers of fat all around kidneys and up the back no sign of any young bitch starting to break down spring is coming 28 up to date
  11. Would you consider posting if so I would have these thanks
  12. How many guns please
  13. Washing up pad with the white scouring pad use scour side with gun oil give it a rub it’s worked for me
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