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  1. The anshultz will be waiting for you when you are up and running around get well soon the bunnies are waiting
  2. Hi teal did you sell as a job lot thanks
  3. Hi I will take Hypaflapers if you will post thanks no worries if you sell job lot good luck
  4. Bargain they are great shells good luck with the sale
  5. If you were closer to me y could have had one of my kits it will be the best thing for you your lad handling it every day keep the cage clean no smell to anoy the wife a hob will be fine on his own with a pocket of nets you both will be set for many of many happy memories for you and your lad
  6. Well up here in County Durham there’s a disused lead mine up at kilop it’s now and has been for many years a visitor centre and museum where you can go down to the face where lead was mined work that one out talking my mate who is a farmer about the lead ban and he said you can test land where ever you go and there are traces of lead he was going mad about it being a bow down to Europe yet again
  7. Back on topic me and some lads we’re down at the shooting show last Saturday great show first time for me picked up some bits and pieces went for a coffee at the van opposite the restaurant between the two halls it had a sign up card only so got 2 coffees just over £6 Tuesday wife asked what I had ordered on Uber eats my reply nothing only used card for 2 coffees well there’s a payment pending on our account for £22 so notifying the bank requesting an investigation so waiting to hear so Iam not going to be doing that again
  8. I went on Saturday it was my first time at the show enjoyed the chat with a few lads I met picked up a few bits and pieces.just a heads up I bought two coffees off the van opposite the restaurant they were a bit over priced I thought but to be expected the wife asked if had ordered Uber eats I said I wouldn’t know how to there was a payment of £22 pending I told her I only paid for coffees with my card as they were only taking card payment the coffees were about £6.50 I anyone who got something off the van check your account as I think I paid for the person in front of me just a heads up lads thanks
  9. 👀 like £2600
  10. Hi seal the concrete with sbr or p v a that will give you more time and also act as a bonding agent maple floor tile adhesive is not a quick set but what ever you choose to use just mix a small amount at a time which you can manage to lay say 5or so tiles and you will get a grasp of how far you can go with in your capabilities wash your bucket a nd tools after each mix used so it doesn’t set the next mix off 20mm notches will be more than adequate have fun
  11. Get it done you may only regret it in the long run
  12. Great offer and a great set up if you were closer I would have had the cages good luck
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