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  1. Thanks for all the responses we came to the same conclusion it wasn’t going ahead as there information on the web was last years cancellation and previous fairs nothing up to date which I thought was a bad way to promote something that is getting less popular with people who enjoy their pursuits in the field .The shooting show would have been a better day out for me but it’s our anniversary and are away up the lakes and she won’t do a detour on Sunday across to donny thanks again
  2. That’s the thing it’s confusing what is actually going to be on offer after I read the bad reports from Ragly hall which is where we normally visit but due to other commitments we did not go
  3. I am planning on going on Sunday but still undecided weather it’s worth the 4 hour journey anyone else planned on going thanks for looking
  4. Do you ever travel north or any plans to in the near future
  5. Out pigeon shooting yesterday brood of partridge with their pairents just able to fly we don’t start our rough shoot until November and still watch out for young birds birds maybe having 2posibly 3 broods with warm weather from early February
  6. Ian willetts

    Long nets

    Anyone have any lying around not using any more let me know what you have thanks for looking
  7. Hi interested in these have you any pics of the sole please
  8. Hi Greg I will take theses
  9. Hi big bird fox shooter 69 has a black cocker bitch for sale on other sales hope this helps
  10. Hi where in North Yorkshire thanks Sorry miss read doh I will take these thanks
  11. Mate of mine bought a concrete one with all the brass finishes quarry tiles weighing 1/2. Ton driver pulled it to his back gate he rang me to bring my son to lift it in his garden as his gate opening was to narrow to get it in one telehandler to short one brick wagon with extra long high hab later over the fence onto its resting place needless to say no one nicked it it was at his back gate for a week measure before you buy
  12. Thanks David I will have a think worked a lot up at bedlinton but more local now let me know thanks Ian
  13. Hi where are you based my Jill didn’t produce so after a couple of kitts please Iam Durham area thanks
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