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  1. Hi how old is the gun please may be interested for sure are parts
  2. Yes sadly I am going to give it up to go to the happy hunting ground been a good one testament to the hatsan 10 years countless shells through it thanks for the in put
  3. Couldn’t get follower past the crimp tried that way first
  4. well That’s how I damaged the tube trying to get it out to change the follower cap so I don’t think it will come off
  5. I have pm wabbitbosher haven’t heard anything yet I am up in Co Durham thanks
  6. Hi all I am looking for a crimped tube and plastic follower cap the gun is around 10 years old was my first gun so would be good to get it repaired thanks in advance
  7. Is it a condensed boiler if it is mine needs topping up now and again I am no plumber but I put it down to usage what with central heating and hot water more than you will use said boiler in the warmer months hope this helps
  8. Thanks tightchoke I have pm him new to this you save the day again
  9. Hi wabbitbosher  have you got a crimped cart tube and plastic follower cap for hats an escort it is around 10years old if so what would the cost for these thanks in advance 

    1. Hi wabbitbosher have you got a crimped cart tube for hats an semi and a plastic follower cap for a 10 year old model thanks
    2. I have been shooting the 30gram cracking shells for pigeons
    3. Arrived at the farm 1245 farmer popes his head out the door and says you must be keen shooting in this wind .I have been busy last few weekends not had chance to pluck the gun up so finger was getting itchy went through the farm yard to see what was about .aroynd 20 pigeons on trees by the old cottage so decided to tuck behind the wall there is a spine of trees down the side where birds were flighting over some coming into the trees 30 to 50 mph winds tip of wing they were off some really testing shots and some rubbish ones as well packed up at 4 with 16 picked for around 45 shells nice to get out
    4. yes I was told that they were no longer available i will get in touch with wabbitbosher thanks ps how did you may to get old tube off as mine won’t budge I would appreciate any tips thanks again lads
    5. Hi lads I have the early model probably 10years old i dented the tube trying to get to the plastic follower cap are the early tubes still available thanks
    6. Pigeons not playing the game 2birds in 2hours decided to have a walk along the beck 2rabbits 2more pigeon and a duck I was well chuffed
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