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  1. Yea thanks lads he doesn’t get many visitors so the crack is always good 👍
  2. Got there around 12 there had been a few crows around where the cattle mix was made sun on my back a few midgies out it was like a spring day the crows left when I arrived but they returned slowly with a few visits from the farmer for a bit natter between shots a really enjoyable afternoon with 22 crows and 2 wood pigeons
  3. I think that might be the issue I think someone else had issues and they filed it down someone on pigeon watch I think I will have a look thanks ianspire
  4. Tried new o ring still not cycling carts going to get it looked at thanks all for your reply’s
  5. Thanks lads I will try the o ring and give it a try at the weekend end
  6. Thanks for that chilly 1981 I will have a close inspection later today thanks
  7. No issues before cleaning and yes the o ring is in tackt and where it should be I will get a picture of the shell later after work it’s frustrating as the gun cycled the first 8 shells then started leaving the spent shell in the chamber I will give it ago with the graphite powder but I think I will put it in to be looked at thank you for all your reply’s I will let you know the out come thanks
  8. No they were 70mm hull super fast 7.5 27 g load I have tried 32g and they seem fine thanks agriv 8
  9. Hi all out yesterday with Hatsan semi around 3 years old had issues cycling 28g 7s give it a good clean still having problems checked gas ports some carbon deposits so give them a good clean tryed it yesterday cycled first few shots then shot shell was not coming out of chamber noticed the shells I took out had a small splice off the side near the nose of the shells any help will be much appreciated thanks
  10. Hi remy 700 has the trailer got a true axle or stub axle also have you anymore pictures please
  11. You need to put coping stones on top of your wall to preferably with a drip and wide enough to take the rain away from your wall like Ditch man says clean and maybe a light rub with a wire brush and treat with a fungus idle wash
  12. What a great idea I bet it works a treat
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