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  1. Hi ninja ferret I have put in for my renewal f ac it’s due mid December Iam from Co Durham and may be interested in the rifle will it be possible to call in and have look thanks
  2. Well done that man and his dog one of the best results from a trusted team keep it up
  3. Hi I pickled some surplus eggs from my chickens in October the vinegar was non brewed white vinegar the first few tasted great but the latest one I tried didn’t taste very good so may have to rethink the vinegar or maybe spice it up a bit
  4. I was told by fao to put silica bags in cabinets when he came to look at cabinet which is in the loft had no problem with rust moisture or any other
  5. Hi I am looking forward to some bunny bashing but like I say small steps
  6. Hi opp well I am getting the hang of the pard now with the help of you lads on here .I totally agree about the recording facility and the rest of it plain and simple would be great for me also yes I read a thread on here it may have been by you I can’t recall about the fog it was like driving in fog .Small steps on the rats with the air rifle and the pard then maybe move up to the rim fire when I get the range mastered thanks again
  7. Hi opp thanks for the advice 50years young technology left me behind but every day is still a school day I had a bit play around and getting the hang of the pard I wonder how many more have struggled with the set up and sold it on instead of asking for help on here there is a good well of knowledge of all of you and always happy to help thank you
  8. Thank you lads got it sorted 4rats down tonight
  9. Thanks will give it a go tonight and hopefully get a few rats
  10. It’s the only scope I have with side paralex pard focus clear as day used as spotter but when put on scope can’t get focus thanks ccj
  11. Yes sub 12 thanks for that will it be ok with a lower mag scope with no paralex thanks
  12. I have fitted a pard 007to my hawk 6 24 50 side parolex on me he 100 ,what am I doing rong can’t get a clear view through to the field thanks in advance
  13. Not sliced onions but I got a Greek cook book some years ago when drachmas were the currency and there was a recipe for staffado with pickling onions tomatoes vinegar beef and a few other ingredients but the wife made a dish from Jamie Oliver with lamb tomatoes and a jar of drained pickled onions and I must say it replicated the Greek version very much it was delicious with crusty bread yum yum
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