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  1. I have found mention of this organisation (via the NRA website), and seeing I live in that area, I thought it might be a useful organisation to join. However, I cannot find any website nor Facebook page for it - so have no idea where they meet up and who to contact. Anyone a member?
  2. Hi all, After a month or so of lurking, I thought I better make myself formal and sign up. Used to hunt vermin and plink around my friend's farm when I was younger but then dropped out of shooting, due to the usual things (family, work etc). Recently decided that life was too short (mid 40s lol) and thought I would have a go at Clay Pigeon shooting. Signed up for an hour course at a local school and then made the usual mistake of buying various shooting magazines and then hitting google. Long story short, I am now the proud owner of a Weihrauch HW97KT and a member of a local Field Target Club....then I had the Clay Pigeon lesson....my SGC application went in last week. So air rifles it is until my SGC hits...and then I think about getting my FAC (probably via a local Rifle and Pistol club). Also the fun of trying to get a permission (or more), as I would really like to do some vermin and pigeon hunting. ...and so it begins.
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