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  1. Does anybody today still make and supply a manual flapper cradle along the lines of the old WAGBI(BASC) Semark, or Dead Cert design etc from the 1980's 90's? TIA
  2. Sorry,looking for a dealer!
  3. Looking for a Dealer for Kick-eez products in South West or online. TIA
  4. Recommendations for best pop up pigeon/corvid hide. TIA
  5. Got a EELL and a SO (both 12), both 10 yr + old,lovely guns! Are the older Berettas that much better?
  6. Had 686 20 for 15 yrs,thinking of upgrading to a 693 this season. Any body any experience good or bad with this model?
  7. Any body use one of these cleaning kits? Are they as good as they say? Are they worth the investment?
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