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  1. Yeah Eastern Sportings one is very good. Used it a couple of times for varying things.
  2. Thanks, I'm in Essex but should have the opportunity to try it out before I buy anyway with the dealer.
  3. This was an option I was considering. Hence my interest in the Affinity Sporting. I would just buy the Super Nova but I dont see a Pump being much use for Clay's...
  4. The 7 year warranty really is what's swaying me at the moment. A sizeable discount initially and a long warranty will hopefully mean the not having to spend on it and the wife wont get too angry. Same questions to you though please if you wouldnt mind...
  5. It will be my first that I've owned yes. I have a few colleagues at work who own shotguns, some do clay shooting, some hunt, some do practical shotgun and/or 3 gun. Whilst I am quite happy to go to my local clay ground a couple of times a month, the drive for where my colleagues do practical shotgun at the minute is a bit beyond me to do regularly. At work we have various shotguns, Super Novas primarily but have a S/A or two laying around. So whilst I physically cant own the variants we use, something that vaguely resembles them will at least mean I can keep my shooting standards up in between qualification shoots. The 2 local grounds I've been too I've seen lots of S/As being used so I'm fairly happy I wont be frowned upon. I did look at Hatsan/Armsan, but they didnt feel as nice as the Winchester and Franchi. I'd like a Benelli, but I'm 95% certain I'll be buying new as I'm being offered a considerable discount and as such the M2 is out of budget - aka the wife would kill me if she found out how much I spent.
  6. What version do you have, what do you use it for and what barrel length? Some of the reviews I've read/watched say it can be fussy with cartridges. I'm guessing your experience is to the contrary?
  7. I'm due to be buying my first Shotgun soon (August pay day) and want to go for a Semi Auto. I will be using it mostly for Clays but want to venture into practical shooting at some point as well. My reason for choosing a Semi Auto is somewhat work related and somewhat just because I like the look of them. My budget is around £600-700 and I'd preferably like to buy new. From my own research (YouTube and the font of all knowledge.. Google) I've narrowed it down too: Winchester SX4 Franchi Affinity Out of the 3, my eye has been turned most by the Franchi Affinity and its 7 Year Warranty. It just seems like a good option for a relatively new shooter for if something went wrong. Im also interested in the Sporting version of the Affinity. Just wondered if there was any pearls of wisdom or general thoughts particularly with the two (sort of 3) I have mentioned but also any others I've missed. Cheers,
  8. Evening all, I'm going to be purchasing myself a shotgun in the coming weeks and taking up mostly clay shooting. Thought I'd find a community that would be able to offer some advice and knowledge along the way. Whilst I'm no stranger to shooting, this is going to be my first shotgun and I only went to my second clay shoot the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sure a thread or two of questions will appear from me soon, after using the search function of course. O/
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