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  1. Hi has anyone got a 3/8 light mod winchester signature invector plus choke spare for sale thanks
  2. Hi do you still have the light modified winchester choke available cheers
  3. Hi thank you these chokes are now sold.
  4. Hi 5 extended Mobil chokes, 1x ic,2 x mod, and 2 x imod, have had very little use, been advertised before reduced price £83. 00.includes posted.
  5. I have 5 Mobil chokes for sale, they are extended chokes 1 ic,2 mod, and 2 imod, they are the ones that come with the ata shotguns and am wanting £100 plus £3 post and packing,pm me for pictures thank you.
  6. Hi I have 5 Mobil muller chokes for sale 2 x u1, 2 x u2, and 1 x u3, if your interested thanks
  7. Hi I replied by email but don't know if I did it correctly let me know if you received it thanks
  8. Hi Ian do you still have the Mobil muller u3 for sale thanks. Steven
  9. Hi thanks for looking these are now sold
  10. Hi I would rather sell as a set of 3 but if known one buys them in a week I will will split to the guys that want the one and the three thanks for looking cheers
  11. Invector plus muller chokes, I have 3 muller chokes for sale, 1x u1, 1x u2, 1x u3, all in good condition would like £120, free postage to the UK thanks.
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