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  1. I had my bsa ultra se huma regged and tuned by him it actually felt like a different rifle and the accuracy is amazing once youve done your pellet testing
  2. Darrin at XtxAir if he will take the work on or Phil crampton at the rat works
  3. Lol thought u did but then i thought you meant batteries lol ..... long day haha
  4. Arron yeates


    Is the hw35 a 9 ft lbs gun or is that just one model of the 35 that is?
  5. Arron yeates


    Whats that, the hw35 or the Imp
  6. Arron yeates


    Never owned or shot a standard Hw but i did buy the sandwell field sports Imp AKA Hw99s tunned. Comes with chopped barrel qnd all internal work and trigger work done. Its in a CS500 walnut stock with hawk airmax compact and i love it. Looks great aswell
  7. You can get neson ammo slugs in .22 and .177 but tgere expensive and for a sub 12 maybe a little heavy
  8. Good topic and great to see all you guys are possitive towards all of this. Theres alot of people men and woman scared to go for a check which i think is a shame.
  9. Lol seen this loadsa times with electrics. I rebuilt my house and weve done all the electrics and found about 7 sockets down stairs all spurd from a socket upstairs... dangerouse some people are
  10. Yes correct... i should of known this lol
  11. Just make sure when or if your working on this as u say. That no one turns the light switch on whilat your up there working on it unless you kill the upstairs lighting circuit first. However if your not sure get some one in.
  12. No never tried to get the crayfish. In the summer in the rite lighting there were plenty of carp biggens to near the surface. Where are you from are you local
  13. Yeah thats the one mate. Not just me then lol
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