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  1. Totally agree. I weigh as an average my H&N Barracuda match 4.52mm and the weigh vert consistantly 10.4 grains. Chairgun pro says there 10.5grain thats an average. Once youve worked out the distance between centre of the barrel to the centre on the scope. You can then input this plus your pellet weight and once chronod your rifle for an average power you can do wonders. I can happily hit a 30mm target at 100m low wind using this calibration. The below is the scope cap sticke for my rifle. All my rifles are setup this way. Anything past the max distance i can read off a card 100m +
  2. Lol dont u have detatchable hands
  3. Thanks Mice, i think if you find the right pellets for your rifle you can get really good groups as long as you do your bit. These are bisley mags 4.52mm now using H&N Barracuda match 4.52mm same as bisley mag with same batch number and theres no change in poi or weight etc. That was a windless (still ) day ish.
  4. I use bisley mags 4.52mm in my Xtx tunned Huma Bsa Ultra se and brocock Bantam sniper Huma Hr and do a 1 hole group at 30m great out to 90m on paper and small targets like baby apples from the trees. I lool at it like this.... faster than a .22 at 714 fps but hit like a brick down range. 50m i can cover 5 shots with a uk 1 pound coin. Your Daystate will probably have same or similar match grade LW barrel to the brocock group shot below from that rifle
  5. What about a bean bag cussion also great for a prone bag rest when not needed to sit on. I use mine all the time
  6. Cant seem to find any anywhere. Can get them online in 5.50 but not 5.52mm
  7. I shoot at baby apples sometimes out to 80/90meters from prone and with all my kit calibrated usually hit 9 /10shots without wind. Using H&N Barracuda match 10.5 grain 4.52mm. They seem to carry enough at that range the apple explode. I wouldnt nessasary shoot live vermin though at that range. Not adviserble
  8. My hw99s sfs tuned Imp use to like H&N FTT but since Sfs serviced and changed the spring i cant get a decent group with the FTT 14.6grains and watch spitaway shooting his with bisley lrg and tgey were feking accurate... are they still avaliable as cant find 5.52mm anywhere
  9. Ive seen them on there site but i can only see 5.5mm have you seen 5.52mm? Ive not tried them in this barrel yet saw a video with same tuned rifle doing great with them
  10. Ayup lads. Has any one used these and what are your thoughts? Im after some in 5.52mm but cant find them anywhere .
  11. Arron yeates


    Haha i know tge feeling on that one.
  12. Totally agree. Total different skill involved with the airguns. Good going Stu.
  13. Arron yeates

    Holiday fun

    Well done buddy great shooting. Me and my wife went to gran canaria last year playa de ingles how ever you say it lol. There was a similar shooting comp there about 8 meters away zero was off so once knowing the poi i quickly shifted to take the win out of about 10/ 15 people was great fun we won a bottle of something still in th cupboard down stairs haha. Its great to see people wanting to have a go and tge excitment on peoples faces
  14. Hi lads.. im in great barr west midlands. What are you looking for price wise and how long is left on test for the bottle? Cheers Az
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