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  1. They are nice. I actually dont shoot what i already own enough yet im still lookinh for a new one. If you saw them youd think they had never been handled and they had only been out for a picture or to hold lol.
  2. How much are they going for these days
  3. Id say how good of a shot are you and how far are you planning to shoot? With the right shot placement from a good shooter whether dependant a 60 yard /meter head shot is achievable with sub 12 and correct pellet once youve done your testing. Dont think that having a fac air rifle makes things any more accurate and easier to shoot as i dont think thats the case.
  4. This was the first pcp i ever wanyed look so nice and id still have obe now if one ever came up for sale ... wink wink.. nudge nudge haha
  5. Yeah be good to know what it is. My Imp likes them at 20m would need to tey them further out though
  6. Question answered lol. However what do you do, just input calculations into a formular or into a balistic app Hope that made sense lol Top man. See the daft thing, jsb dont even know the bc of them as tgey dont state it anywhere
  7. How do you test for bc if you dont no what it is then
  8. Stu what is the BC of the 5.5mm hades as there not on strelok pro and the owner of strelock cant find out what it is
  9. Haha from the picture lol.. deffinatly married.
  10. Yeah it certainly likes the baracuda match. Not sure if its the head size or the weight it likes. I want to turn the power up a little to speed them up a little but dont want to void warranty
  11. Try again lol... ive edit my post lol
  12. The accuracy on the paper target for the ft's looks good but at only 20m when i removed the target showed totally different results. Below are the pics Edit....without my gloves on .... #mice lol Baracuda ft's at 20m. Baracuda match 4.52mm at 20m.
  13. Thanks mate Id have to check. However if the FTs are traveling 30fps faster but lighterin weight. Is there any benerfit over the baracuda match that are slightly slower but heavier
  14. Have a check. I need to stretch them out but not in this wind.. would be pointless lol as id be looking for better accuracy than the baracuda match 4.52mm 10.4 grains
  15. Ps che chrony weight i input into the fx chrony was 9.5 grain as over 20 pellets on my scales were between 9.4 grain and 9.6 grains
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