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  1. Ive had similar issues in the past with my calibrations. Ive found 30m zero spot on with litrally 1 hole group, 1.5 mil drop at 45m and should be 2 3/4 mil at 50m but mine does 2.5 mil at 50 so wonder if lubes doing this yet put it further out and its bang on
  2. Just want a .177 10 grain slug... commme onnn lol
  3. Yeah not a great design if there not fail safe. Be better if they were power fqil safe or had a battery backup or manual release switch hidden somewhere
  4. Try bisley magnums mate bsa barrels usually love them
  5. The drop could have been the wind mate Keep going enjoying these tests lol
  6. Bsa are cracking rifkes the barrels are great
  7. Try the method above it really helps and works mate. 10 mps is alot blimey didnt realise the difference
  8. Ill post up the brand i use to lube my pellets with later. I find my barrel stays cleaner and pretty sure it helps speed things up. Tony Wall - Sandwell field sports owner and tuner made the comment before of.. you wouldnt put dirty oil in your engine would you so why would you put dirty lead in your barrel... totally agree with him. I just get a jar thats clean. Add fairy wash liquid and add a tin or pellets. Add hot water to the mix and put the top on. Gently turn the jar for 10 mins then empty using a siv didicated to the pellets as using it for food after wouldnt be advisable. Then lay a towl out or i prefer blue roll and empty the clean jar of pellets onto the blue roll and dry them with a hair dryer making sure all the insides of the skirts are dry. Then leave to cool and spray a light spray of pellet lube on them. Using each end if the blue roll i lift one end at a time to mix them and spread the lube then put back in the pellet tin after the tines had a wipe out Easy
  9. Yeah should run faster. Tbf mate ive not tested lubed verses none lubed for the difference in speed but it makes sense Ky however 10 40 fully synthetic works lmao
  10. See i look at things like if you can make something even better by doing something for free do it. Ive found washing and lubing them does make a difference. I dont size etc i check 20 or so weight wise and if there the same as usual which they always come out at 10.4 grain in 4.52mm with the same batch number im all good lol
  11. ***** that made me chuckle haha. Yeah the H&N's are shiny there that clean although i still wash weigh and lube them for the pcp. And just wash and weigh to make sure of consistancy for the springer to stop deiseling.
  12. I agree mate but i have a brand new insigna grand sport. I get it everywhere with no issue and same with the focus Rs when i took that out in the snow that has 40 profile tyres on lol although i used toyo proxy T1Rs on it it gripped fantastic lol
  13. I live on a hill and when it snows they dont grit it no one goes out in the cars and no one knows how to drive. The only snow marks are from my wheels lol i will drive in any weather with no issues just be safe and use your gears correctly.
  14. Same weight same bc. On balistics apps jsb 8.44 or air arms field poi are identical all the way out Suppose its the same as bisley magnums and H&N Barracuda match there the same pellet with the same batch numbers owned by the same company only h&n are cleaner than bisleys
  15. Arron yeates


    I know yeah, thing is i dont generally shoot in my back garden due to its only about 20m and houses are close. I have in the past and i angle so the dirt would stop anything
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