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  1. Is roll crimp or folded crimp to prefer when useing a silencer with fibre wads ? Can the overshot plastic/paper cause problems in the silencer ?
  2. Nobody know the measurement millimeters for end cap hole in silencer if i want to shoot imp cylynder instead of full ?
  3. Why does some shotgun fire low after you put silencer on them, i dont get that ? So 18.1 mm on end cap is okey for full choke ? Anybody else has any other measurement on their 20g silencer ?
  4. Do you have to use fibre for Hushpower silencer or is plastic ok aswell ? I guess full choke is also a must ?
  5. Hello i am new to shotgun silencers. I can get either Hushpower 20g or Atec . And as i understand it atec has some innertube for the wad while Hushpower is just like a normal rifle silencer without anything for the wad if i am correct ? And you must use full choke for Hushpower right ? Is the hushpower safe or do you get pellets hitting the silencer sometimes ? Do anybody know the measurement for the Hushpower 20g exit hole in milliliters ? / Thanks Ben.
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