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  1. Paul just finished my nightshift to find this waiting for me. what a lovely rod. hopefully get out soon to use it. thank you. David,
  2. pm sent. yes please. pm me over payment details.
  3. received today. Thank you.
  4. pm on the way. yes please. send me over payments details. just off out walk the dog. David.
  5. dbarnard

    Head torch

    Yes please if still available. PM on the way. Payment sent. David..
  6. Recieved in the post today.....nice easy transaction....thank you.
  7. After recovering from the rugby and football yesterday payment has been made. Cheering on the Welsh shortly. Thank you.
  8. As for certain member(s) offering me advise then offering(touting) their services to supply me with a Pard 008 please don’t my add is for swap....not to sell my ATN Xsight then to purchase from you.
  9. Reason for wanting a swap, Is I find the xsight over kill for the ranges I shoot over with FAC air. I find it is more suited to larger calibre rifles and larger targets.
  10. ATN Xsight 2 hd 3*14.ATN external battery.Kentli batteries x8 and charger 16650 2500mAh batteries x2 for supplied ATN ir illuminator 2x memrory cards.Latest firmware Green ATN bag.ATN Xtrac.No box.Looking to swap for Pard 008.Prefer face to face. Am based in Brighton.
  11. The specific licences: General licence GL04: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to prevent serious damage or disease General licence GL05: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to preserve public health or public safety General licence GL06: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to conserve wild birds or flora or fauna They do not include licences to protect crops.
  12. MK1 FX Bobcat .177 Falcon Merlin 4*14*42 Hugget Belita. MK2 FX Bobcat FAC .22 ATN Xsightii 3*14 Hugget Mini Magna. RWS 500 FAC .22 Hawke Vantage 4*16*44 A&M Marksman.
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