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  1. Received today. Item as described. Thank-you. David.
  2. dbarnard

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    £'s transfered.
  3. Acquired this lovely little thing at the weekend for some barn feral work. FX Dreamline Lite Compact .177 sub12lb. Optisan CP 3X12X32 scope. Hugget Atom Silencer. BBBE3232-8BE6-41F9-A1F8-2E9AE60D6A32.heic 25203358-31D2-42E0-8CF2-D7D183F1C765_1_201_a.heic
  4. Sadlly two of the three crew members are still missing.....
  5. i was looking at buying the xm 22, for the same reasons you listed. Could not find any uk stock. So looked at the basic xm30 but again failed to find any uk stock. Could not justify the extra £'s for the xm30s. I ended up buying a 2nd hand Pulsar xq30 v for £700. Not had chance to play with it properly yet, just out in the garden/walking the dog just to get used to the functions on it.
  6. i had this conversation with the wife last week when i was looking for a jack russel.....i said.....i aint paying the sort of money......
  7. All sorted managed to source a pulsar xq30v.....
  8. as in title box..... Pulsar xm22 or xm 30 thermal wanted..... What you got....
  9. Nice little Albino from Brick Farm Lakes in Herstmonceux Sussex....
  10. dbarnard

    Pulsar xm22

    As in subject box looking for a Pulsar xm22
  11. my brother being left handed used to mount his cabinets up side down.....only thing he had to remember was to put the keys in upside down.....he never had no problems......
  12. Paul just finished my nightshift to find this waiting for me. what a lovely rod. hopefully get out soon to use it. thank you. David,
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