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  1. Yeah, I applied in August and they told me they were accepting new applications. Spoke to them in January and they told me they were accepting then but weren't processing them and now they've stopped accepting completely. It's so frustrating
  2. I've just crossed the 7 month mark. I've given up hope!
  3. I applied for mine in August and haven't heard anything since. Was told 20 weeks at application and they were processing grants but have since been told when I rang up in Jan that they've suspended grants. They told me they were working on early 2020 applications so I've given up any hope of having mine in the next 6 months. Very frustrating to say the least! Edit: I'm with GMP
  4. Hi all, I just thought I'd share the information that I've just received regarding shotgun certificate grants from GMP. I rang them enquiring about my application I put in around August and I was told that they've only just started Februarys applications. The website says they've been accepting grants for a while now and she said they've been accepting them but not processing them which I find a little misleading. I thought I'd put this up for anyone who might have an application in or was thinking about it, you've still got a very long wait!
  5. Hello all, This is my first port so apologies if it's in the wrong place or if it's not appropriate. I'm in the process off applying for my shotgun certificate and I had a couple of questions regarding it. First of all I spoke to GMP and they are suggesting that the wait time is atleast 16 weeks at the moment which seems excessive to me but is that about right? I must point out it's a grant and not renewal. Second, I have a disability, I lost an arm (I know, clumsy me) and I'm worried if this would prevent me from getting my grant. I currently shoot with an instr
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