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  1. How ironic would it be if it ended up in a draw and they got 2 points each anyway........
  2. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Cheers Buddy.
  3. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Just got my FAC so just thought I would ask if anyone has an AA510 Extra for sale?
  4. £17.50 for me. Galling but not worth the agro for such a smallish amount.
  5. No in the scenario, the land is not cleared but he is on an open ticket and I am on a closed ticket. Both have written permission to shoot the land. The whole scenario is confusing me.
  6. We both have permission to shoot.So I can use his unfamiliar rifle with his permission/supervision but not my own familiar rifle.....
  7. Hope to get FAC in the not too distant future as I think the interview went well. One question I asked FEO on day and still awaiting reply: " If my open ticket mentor and I ( closed ticket ) are shooting on land that we both have written permission on and my mentor determines that said land is suitable for FAC, am I allowed to use FAC at the same time as I am under his guidance.?"...Anyone come across this?
  8. So it took nearly 5 months from your interview.....😮....I had mine a month ago and was hoping it would arrive soon. They have had the application 3 months. I'm guessing the 5 calls always received the same response... According to 2018 Firearms Licensing League Table from BASC the average for FAC grant time for Merseyside was 69 days.
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