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  1. Not my experience I am afraid. Awful experience a few years ago.
  2. Whats the sizing like. Did you go up 1 size from normal?
  3. Surely all the stickers do is advertise to scrotes that you have something worth knicking when parked up.
  4. my vet is now £15 per tablet......
  5. Keeping my eyes open for a FAC AA s510 Extra..........
  6. dm800

    Metal Detector

    Minelab Vanquish or Nokta Simplex?
  7. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Still looking Guys.
  8. I'll take it m8. Will PayPal now and pm you details. Cheers Dan
  9. Took 3 pairs in a row back last year, as they all split in same place within a few days.
  10. How ironic would it be if it ended up in a draw and they got 2 points each anyway........
  11. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Cheers Buddy.
  12. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Just got my FAC so just thought I would ask if anyone has an AA510 Extra for sale?
  13. £17.50 for me. Galling but not worth the agro for such a smallish amount.
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