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  1. aliexpress at the moment
  2. https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/lockdown-dehumidifier-rod-12-inch-220-volt
  3. On the lookout for some Primos trigger sticks tall Gen 3 if anyone got ones lying around not being used. Ta
  4. https://www.which.co.uk/news/2019/10/the-cheap-security-cameras-inviting-hackers-into-your-home/
  5. dm800

    Pard 007

    Looking for a Pard 007 12mm if anyone considering selling. Thanks for looking. Keep safe all.
  6. my .22 s510 loves them...Roland not so much
  7. sorted now....from a m8....couldn't find flea bay ones.
  8. If fenman99 dosen't want may I have first dibs for a donation please. Many Thanks dm800
  9. dm800


    Excellent watch.
  10. oops. not sure what I did there ... Sorry I misunderstand that. Do you mean there is a load of new 007s finally about to appear on the market therefore dropping the market of current models?
  11. You lot been on the Rum?
  12. And Cheshire do not want you to call 101 as they say it's a waste of their resources.
  13. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Still looking
  14. Thanks Guys...I thought it would have spares in pocket alas no.
  15. Don't suppose anyone knows where I can get a pop stud faster for my Deerhunter jacket? The ones I thought were correct from bay of evil are wrong size.
  16. New Pard units uprated screen arriving in a few weeks. Might be worthwhile hiding on.
  17. Wish I could find one.All variable power FAC airguns seem like hens teeth at the moment.
  18. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Still looking
  19. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Cheers. Yes I have but unfortunately they are at the other end of the country and Bank Transfer far too risky.
  20. dm800

    AA 510 Extra

    Still looking
  21. dm800

    AA s510 Extra

    Still looking.
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