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  1. Thanks all for the replies I’ve sent an email to my FEO to confirm how he would prefer I store reloading bits and bobs. Im not so sure buying rounds would be cheaper for me, Currently paying £30 per 20 rounds. with the rifle I was given approx 300 cases some new some fired, around 600 primers, loading dies and storage boxes. ive just bought the press that corresponds to the dies cheap second hand (lee single stage) so would only need some scales, case length gauge and trimmer etc to get going. I can get n133 locally for £80 a KG and based on there being 15,432 grains in a KG and a rough load estimate of 25grains per round that’s over 600 rounds per tub of powder? And the bullets the rifle likes and that work well for me Hornady 50g vmax I can get for £25 per 100. feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but as the primers and brass cost me nothing I would be looking at 0.38 pence per round for a while until I’ve used the primers and the brass has enough.
  2. Hi all, I’m looking to start reloading for my .223, mainly due to the cost of the rounds my rifle likes and was also given some reloading gear with my rifle when I bought it second hand. My question is how should I be storing the smokeless powder? I’ve searched for an hour or so and read lots of conflicting info regarding storing the powder. I see black powder must be licensed and stored in a wooden box, I’m happy to store the smokeless in the same way but where should the wooden box then be kept? Also the primers and bullets, I will only be using expanding as I don’t target shoot only vermin/fox. So I’m guessing these should be kept in my ammo safe regardless if they are just components? Hopefully someone can help shed some definitive light on the subject.
  3. Hi all, As above trying to find someone reasonably local to Hereford who can screwcut a centerfire barrel. Doesn’t have to be on the doorstep but if anyone has a recommendation for a tried and tested company would be appreciated
  4. I haven’t used those exact ones but I did buy a similar pair on eBay for £35 and I’m really impressed. They work really well and can hear low/ambient noise just fine but will cut off anything over 82db (clapping hands will do it) You can adjust the ambient volume too so can amplify quiet noises you wouldn’t normally notice. After wearing them in the rain the other day they still work great The item number on eBay was 171919747450 im not associated with them at all, just like yourself didn't want to pay mega money and earplugs just weren’t cutting it.
  5. I picked up a first gen one with a 3.5” chamber cheap to use for rough/fox shooting and I love the thing, use it more than any of my others now. Gets used and abused in all weather and has never failed me. Loads of people told me being a 3.5” it wouldn’t cycle lighter loads or anything less than 75mm, however it’s more than happy with a 29g 70mm Cart after a good clean, new o-ring and a tweak to the cart lifter.
  6. Chokes arrived today, all spot on thank you!
  7. I’m hopefully sorted for chokes now thanks to m0t0deb. I would also be interested in the stock shims if you would sell those lowrie59?
  8. Hi all, im after some extra chokes for my mk1 Hatsan escort semi. Ideally after 1/2 and full but a full set would be ok too.
  9. Thanks all for the replies, I like the sound of Griffin Lloyd’s but after just checking there website it says they are closed Monday-Friday and only open on weekends? Would be keen to go up there still, seems like a large variety of traps/layouts and just might have to deal with other groups of people watching on. I did initially contact south Worcester with the view of an hours tuition to get an idea of the place but they were so busy the only dates they could offer I couldn’t do sadly. Went up to a place in tintern today with a group a friends as part of a stag do and managed 18 out of 24 with a supplied gun, small numbers compared to most I know but it’s a start!
  10. Hi all, im from hereford and I’m new to clays but really want to get into it! I’ve been rough shooting and on a few fox drives and had my shotguns for a while but not Been out to any clay grounds, Mainly because most of my friends have no interest in shooting sadly so looking to find some either in the same postition or just some others to meet and learn how things work (the clay ground side of things) I’m happy to travel as I’m aware there aren’t many places that close to hereford.
  11. Hello all, been lurking around the forum for a while using the wealth of information about so thought about time I join! Im from hereford and enjoy shooting and have my SGC and FAC, not many of my friends have there’s so hoping maybe to find some shooting opportunities and possibly some others to go clay shooting with and would possibly be able to offer some shooting opportunities in return. im an agricultural engineer by trade and enjoy tinkering with guns, my lastest achievement being getting my 3.5” chambered Hatsan semi to cycle small cartridges reliably! Look forward to meeting some members in the future. Cheers, Alex.
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