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    DBS check

    I've got/had all sorts of clearances over the last few years. One did show I had my FAC, think it was the MET police one. Conversely when I applied for my FAC the FLO asked me why I had something on my record that even he couldn't see, turns out it was one of the clearances he wasn't cleared for!
  2. There's a company in Sheffield that will make doors to your exact specifications, including hinge holes etc. Then it's a simple swap over. There's probably similar local to you. We were looking at online places a few years ago, the prices weren't too bad at £20-30 a door, probably more these days though
  3. Ikea. Just make sure you get their worktops and fit the units according to the instructions
  4. I get you. I suppose for 90% of shooters tat would be the easiest way. The rest would do what suits them best. My magnetic stick is just a spare magnet, cleaning rod and some electrical tape As a mate of mine said about one group we followed around Park Lodge: "can afford a £25k gun (after one of them bragging off at every opportunity) but can't afford manners, and they cost nowt!"
  5. Nobody has ever insinuated that catching is the only way to deal with empties. Picking them up afterwards has been mentioned several times. If you're capable of shooting, you're capable of putting your rubbish in the bin.
  6. Not picking them up is just pathetic. Either catch and bin if you can, or collect afterwards. My brother shoots an SA so we carry a stick with a magnet and pick up every shell he fires. It's a matter of attitude. Too many shooters treat clay grounds like practice for their "real" shooting, where someone else does the picking up for them. They're self important and not the best for the image of the sport, but they're usually "considerably richer than yow"
  7. Demonic69


    I've spent far too many hours watching short films presented by Dust! If you have Netflix try Love, Death & Robots.
  8. I know it's not on your list, but have a look at a Zbroia. I've got a Kozak and it's an an excellent rifle for the money. The new Kozak 2 is even better, with a better regulator and improvements they've made over time. I compared mine against a Kral Puncher Breaker and it was far superior, but the Empire X looks pretty smart. I've had decent groups about 50 yards, not FAC though and haven't gone out to 100. I borrowed a mates Wildcat and it was nice and accurate, not sure if it was worth double though Cheers
  9. I'd check for stuck keys, usually ctrl or alt. Then check the FN keys to see if there are any to disable the keyboard, as some can be turned off when using external. It may be prompting her for a pin, opposed to a password if she's locked it out.
  10. Is it password or pin too many times? That error is usually for the pin, so will be numerical. Has she set a pin on the machine previously
  11. Not a chance! There's not enough arable land for a start. We can't grow enough plants to feed everyone, even with intensive farming and the pumping of billions of tons of nutrients into the soil. Factoring in a safe 1/3 fallow fields it gets even more difficult. 1.4 billion hectares of arable land globally. Working on Soy bean being the best source of plant based protein, with enough water the best yields are 3ton/Ha. Let's say 2T factoring in less than ideal conditions 2.8Bn Tonnes of Soybean could be grown annually. 1.8bn tonnes if you account for 1/3 fallow. 38% being a pretty optimistic percentage of protein, so 0.7bn tonnes of protein a year. 56G per day for the average sedentary man. Factoring in those with manual jobs, women and kids I reckon 50g per day on averge. 0.018 tonnes per person per year. Comes out at 0.136Billion tonnes of required protein, pretty easy. To get your calories, approx 2200, you'd need to eat about 500G a day .18 tonnes per year per person. 7.6bn people. 1.3bn tonnes of soy beans required. The numbers work great if we could live on soybean. Unfortunately we need a mixed diet, even plant based. So how do we get the rest of the vitamins and minerals we need with only a few hectares left for everything else? I'm probably missing few things with my numbers, but I can't see any serious, non-biased studies that show the feasibility. Then there are the supplements they need to stay healthy. These have to be mined, grown or otherwise procured, processed, packaged and shipped. They also won't eat locally. Can't grow an Avocado in Rovrum, so that will have to be flown thousands of miles when some ponce in Instagram shows them how to make a delicious and nutritious enema. The only truly sustainable way of eating IMHO, factoring an increasing population (they won't support limiting the offspring they're entitled to shoot out and proceed to corrupt) would be to truly invest in insects as a food source, entomophagy. But the bugs have feelings and rights, so can't eat them, despite that being the means to the end they so passionately and vocally believe in.
  12. Mates don't bail on meat, especially not for rain!!! Some great looking food there, tempting me to get my smoker fired up now
  13. Got myself a pinter or 3 too. All 3 beers brewed easily and tasted lovely. The Weiss Nights was absolutely spot on. Stars and stripes is nice and fresh and would be great on a summer's day. The Fresh Republic is a nice light lager, another lovely sunny day drink. I've now got about 20 pints I need to shift before I can brew again, bad timing on my part. Ah well
  14. If you're using water pipe label it up well. Nowt worse than trying to figure out what a pipe is when someone's used the wrong thing for the wrong job (aesthetically, practically it's just as good if not better and cheaper than flex conduit) 😂😂 I've got the similar Tenda mesh kit. For £90 I can't fault them, not sure I trust the ethernet port to be that reliable though
  15. As above, 20mm conduit and Cat6 under ground. Cat5/5e might be OK, but 6 is so readily available and you'd get better performance out of your cameras, especially if WFH as well. Run a spare cable or a pull-string to save you faffing later when you need the extra bandwidth Toolstation are the cheapest I've found locally for the conduit and connectors, but be careful with their inspection boxes, they don't come with lids, screws or gaskets! Grab a cheap gigabit switch or wireless access point with more ports than you need. You could use an old/spare router if you wanted wi-fi, but you'd need to know how to disable or modify the DHCP settings so you don't get conflicts.
  16. Got them, love them. I got fitted for them at the shooting show and have been out half a dozen times with them since. I barley notice I'm wearing them and can still have a conversation with them in, though I do tend to shout a bit
  17. Have a look at Decathlon if you have one close. I SCUBA'd in one of their shorties in Thailand, snorkelled in Mallorca and even had a quick dive in Stoney Cove before donning my drysuit. Performed great, kept the water where it needed to be and didn't lose heat too quickly
  18. I sold that one, was excellent for the money though, SMK PR900W, £180 new!
  19. So who is allowed in your increasingly exclusive shooting fraternity? The head-to-toe tweed "country" folk? The ones who the public equate with fox hunting and general murder of all things cute and fluffy, gammons hell bent on killing elephants and polluting the planet in their Range Rovers. The ex-military? Most of whom served about 4 years, were medically discharged and spend every possible second regaling everyone in ear shot with tales of their dangerous trips to far flung places, like Germany? (I know very few ex-military shooters, though I know, and am related to quite a few ex-military. Those who have achieved something in the military are usually very reluctant to brag about it) The all-the-gear no idea clay shooters? Decked out in full merch to match their choice of shotgun brand, their name on the back of their skeet vest despite only shooting the odd Sunday. Happy to tell you, to the penny, how much their new gun and custom stock cost, despite not being asked? Farmers? Known for shooting children and killing all the furry things as above? Any other generalisation you'd care to discuss, I'm sure we can find disparaging remarks about any group until there are none left and the antis have won. Just who meets your criteria for the ever dwindling list of suitable candidates? Who is left to defend the sport when some politician needs a quick win by banning all things that go bang?
  20. I bought a PCP air rifle from him there. He's focused on online shopping but does click and collect. Seemed nice enough, the place was a rabbit warren though!
  21. Cat, meet pigeons. Most people who claim to be dyslexic are just borderline-illiterate. There are a few rare cases, but the majority I've met are also thick. They just use dyslexia as an excuse for being thick, regardless of the fact that they're thick in general, not just when it comes to literacy. Not a personal attack on anyone who struggles, you could be in the few.
  22. Don't forget that Floyd had been making excuses since the police first arrived, including being claustrophobic and not being able to breathe, even while half-in half out of the squad car. At which point does the boy crying wolf get his own way? I agree that Chauvin should have reacted differently, but I can imagine it being hard to take every complaint at face value when being presented with excuse after excuse from every criminal you try to arrest. I'm only addressing the "I can't breathe" issue though.
  23. The last time I went I just pre paid for a card and went shooting with the foot pedals, far too easy to blast through 150 clays and carts in under an hour! They didn't ask for my SGC, probably assuming that, without my cert, I wouldn't have the means to shoot in the first place 🤣
  24. I've not seen that myself. I've seen a group of lads with some semis and some pumps enjoying themselves. They were being a bit loud, but no more than other groups I've seen. There have been a few All The Gear, No Ideas giving "lessons" to groups of people who clearly don't want to be there, probably family. The worst gun safety I've seen is from experienced shooters, usually just small lapses in concentration while chatting to mates. Not opening the gun when taking from the rack, closing it before putting it back, not watching the where the business end is pointing etc.
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