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  1. If you're heading past Huddersfield, Kirklees have a £30 bolt action .410 in. Not sure if bolt action adds any weight though TBH
  2. 28p for members apparently. Unless they just didn't like the looks of us 🤣
  3. My only problem with the hunt was their indecision! We were called in, let back out, then called back in just as we got to shooting! This caused us to have to wait in 2 massive queues instead of one. We should have just stayed for a butty after the first call TBH but we were keen to shoot over the water. If I'd seen the thread before I'd have said something and possibly said hello! You couldn't miss 3 fat lads in clay vests 😃
  4. I started with a Lanber, great gun for £220 but wouldn't pay over £400 for one. They seem to have shot up in price recently. (badum-tss) I moved onto a 1970s Miroku and it's been an amazing gun for the money. I was lucky to get a Teague-choked model that was in decent nick overall. It has a Monte Carlo stock so shoots a bit high. Went to Park Lodge a while ago nd they had an ATA SP laminate adjustable in, I'd been eyeing them up for a while. They let me test it out and it felt and shot great. I ended up getting that for £550 and it's now my main gun. I still enjoy the Miroku, especially the weight (the ATA is a bit on the heavier side) but the ATA feels more natural to me. I tried out the FiL's Silver Pigeon and couldn't get on with it at all, felt too skinny for me. But he shoots well with it and he can't get on with mine. As above, I'd suggest checking out Doveridge, Park Lodge, Nottingham District, Lakeside etc and seeing if you can try a few to see what suits you best.
  5. We visited Lakeside yesterday (3rd Jan), fancied somewhere we haven't been before. First impressions were good, though the access road is a bit pot-holed (as is the norm). It's a lovely setting with fishing lakes at the side, hence the name. The club house is nice, booking in is easy and the receptionist was pleasant and friendly, not the norm at some clay grounds it seems. Took plastic wad carts, so bought some fibre there. All the decent and cheap carts had gone so were stuck with Hull Sporting 100 at £80/250!! They were happy with my 2 guest shooters, we did call in advance to check. 33p a clay and you get a plug for your party, which I tend to forget less than a card. Currently most of the place is a swamp, so take wellies. They've been very busy and the weather hasn't been kind. They're working on it though, have ordered some road planings and just need a chance for the mud to settle. There are stairs, a LOT of them! If you struggle with mobility I wouldn't bother; many stairs and a fair walk to/from the lake and forest sections. My knee was ******** after the day, but we did have to do the hokey-cokey (in-out, in-out) due to some hunt coming through that kept changing their bloody minds. You climb up stairs and back down to get to the 2 training stands (you can bypass these if missing out those stands), the rest is accessible via the raised paths leading to more stairs down. If you head to the forest area it's a fair walk and there's no circular route, so it's all the way there then all the way back. A few same-y clays, but a fair amount of variety. Nothing particularly long-distance that we saw, but some challenging loopers, teals, the water-bouncer etc. Plenty of stands scattered around, so even when busy it should be easy enough to find somewhere to shoot. Almost all of the stands were functioning fine and they were addressing the faulty ones that were reported to them. We shot 250 between us and probably had a dozen no-birds, which the lady removed no problem. Because of the hunt debacle the staff struggled a bit with food, getting inundated and struggling to get orders out in a timely fashion, but the cafe is nice, with a good amount of seating and a decent menu. I recommend the breakfast butty for £5.50, it's bigger than the normal cob and you get 4 items The food was spot-on and the drinks were OK. The shop is upstairs and is extremely well-stocked. LOADS of air rifles, especially PCP. Plenty of clothing and a good amount of shotguns in all price brackets. The staff up there seemed friendly and helpful also. All in all a really good day and will certainly go back, just need to down the ibuprofen before hand.
  6. Might not suit your purpose, but have you had a look at the battery powered blowers? I picked one up 2nd hand for £15 and it's been decent for round the garden. Takes fairly generic rechargeable tool batteries too
  7. Hi All As above, I need a bit bigger cabinet. Could Possibly look at a 2nd cab, but ideally I just want the one, slightly larger than I have now. I'm close to the M1 and M18, Sheffield/Rotherham border. Cheers
  8. I'm interested in the pump! Just seeing if I can free some cabinet space up now. (or get a bigger cab) Cheers
  9. Demonic69


    I never really thought about that being a consequence, that could be 400,000 extra bodies per year
  10. Demonic69


    The $1-4Tn a year could massively increase population growth in developing countries. We're funding them to get to a place they can't get to on their own, in the near-term, taking responsibility away from their governments and the people. Work will pretty much just be state sponsored, there may end up being mandated welfare provisions (suggested in the Paris climate accord and by the UN) which won't help with getting people out to work and with something better to do than make babies. There may also be a decrease in infant mortality and longer lives, as developing countries health care improves to set standards, similar to the EU. This is a good thing for the babies and old folk, not so for the planet with the potential for the massive rise in population. **This is purely my own speculation from reading multiple articles on the plans for the Trillions of dollars. A system similar to the EU where countries give up sovereignty in favour of massive sums of money. Votes will be bought (don't vote as we say and you don't get your money) and the countries will be developed to the benefit of those in power. Some people will be made tremendously wealthy with guaranteed contracts and no competition while the wealthy countries will be syphoning money from the tax payers. The UN have already hatched a plan for population control, stating a required move to borderless, nationless and identity-less population. IMHO the money would be better spent investigating new technologies and cheaper manufacturing methods to make renewables a no-brainer.**
  11. Thanks for all the replies Then just stick them straight in with the sugar and gin? Cheers
  12. Hi all I was reading online about when to grab the sloes ready for making sloe gin. One article said when you can squash them between 2 fingers. Surely that depends on strength? I can squash mine now, but they're not exactly soft. What do you guys go on? Thanks
  13. I don't suppose you're ever Yorkshire way?
  14. Hardy's had some in the last time I was there, but that was before the move/merge
  15. I had one in 177 for a few months. It was surprisingly accurate and the newer version fixed a few issues the original had with the sight, barrel sealing, magazine etc. The included moderator worked OK for me too
  16. Give me a shout if they don't go, might know a guy who's interested
  17. Demonic69

    410/20g wanted

    Kirklees guns might be a bit far, but they've got a couple of .410 and 20G in about £60
  18. It's a Brass Eagle Golden Eagle I reckon. Circa 1989! There's info on Vintagerex about them, one of the earliest true semi-auto markers
  19. https://store.lathes.co.uk/adverts/for-sale/tom-senior-junior-vertical-horizontal-miller-0 How big and how much are you after spending?
  20. I've recently bought the laminate adjustable. Can't fault it for the money
  21. Everyone loves a bit of gun cleaning porn 🤣
  22. I thought it would be fairly unlikely, but there are plenty that have had guns for years and never cleaned them on here
  23. What's the likelihood of a loaded shotgun, sleeved, being dropped and going off? I'd rather see a broken, empty gun carried properly (in the crook of the arm pointing forwards and down) or a semi-auto with a breech flag and muzzle up TBH. There's no way to ascertain the safety of a gun in a slip, if it were loaded and the user grabbed it by the trigger... I was more concerned about the plebs at Cockett with the gun over their should, barrels pointing backwards and at everyone walking past than I was about the lads carrying their SAs properly.
  24. Can you just freeze them? What's the method for preparation? Cheers
  25. The one I got was from Google Drive and just a CSV, so no real chance of a virus. But it's always worth checking, especially as they'll be looking for other hosting services now that Google have blocked it. Actually, just checked and they've already moved hosting to swisstransfer
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