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    You're correct, it wouldn't happen. Because Parliament accepts the rules of a general election. It's a competition between the parties and they all more or less follow the rules and accept the result. Unlike Brexit where because the referendum was not legally binding (although the result was promised to be implemented), and was not a competition between parties, large sections of Parliament seem to think they can ignore promises they previously made. You want reality? Well there it is.
  2. Lovely work. The glow in the dark handle is a great idea for a fishing/field knife!
  3. Live professional boxing: Ultimate Boxxer 5 stream No idea what it is, just saw it and thought it might be of interest here.
  4. How about a banana beer, maybe count it as one of your five a day? Pretty sure I've seen a recipe for marmalade vodka on here, maybe that would suit your martini idea?
  5. 22plinkster 4 hours ago "Yup, it'll shoot minute of squirrel!"
  6. Clarkson always says "golf bats".
  7. Cheers for the recommendation Scully.
  8. Each to their own. It would be very boring if we all liked the same things.
  9. I don't know if anyone here watches Black Pigeon Speaks on YT. If you don't then you might want to give a couple of his videos a try. He has some interesting viewpoints and makes very measured content. This is his latest.
  10. I have one. Very solid gun. Had one minor breakage but it was quickly replaced under warranty. Other than that it's been faultless. Bought it for pigeons, ended up being my clay gun too. Shop around, you can find them new under £300.
  11. Bugatti doing their thing again.
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