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  1. Emily Thornberry doing wonders (lol) for Labour . . . The more I see of Piers the more I like him. As an interviewer anyway. (s)he's got... lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes.
  2. Just because some of the UK's component states may wish to leave the union, perhaps partially because of Brexit does not discount BP members from believing in the UK. That's a very spurious argument. Oh look I found a picture of him with a Union flag. As Rewulf said I guess you just found a photo from St Georges day. Even if it isn't what exactly is wrong with being proud of being English? Ask any Scot, N. Irish or welsh person and many, if not all, would say they are proud of their nationality.
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    Yw. You could also try the Opera browser. That has free adblocking and a free VPN. Just remember to turn them on.
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    Free AFAIK. I use Adblocker but on Firefox, I believe that is the same software but for Chrome.
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    Adblocker is your friend. Also removes ads from Youtube.
  7. Maybe, but Clarkson would have punched Packham. Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice for something worthwhile
  8. Rotherham Advertiser isn't a free paper, that would be the Rotherham Record.
  9. Mathematics? . I don't think so. Just that those right of the serious left, probably therefore including centrists, tend to produce funnier memes.
  10. Aren't they something to do with Parcelforce? Talking of PF I'm sure they or many of the big companies would ship it. I've seen bigger and heavier items go into a courier's van. As long as someone will be around to assist with unloading.
  11. The"right" are just better at memes.
  12. The Tory MPs lost the whip after they voted for the so-called Benn Act, which aimed to rule out a no deal Brexit. But, the Prime Minister has now personally welcomed 10 of the MPs who were expelled back into the Party. The list, however, does not include former chancellor Philip Hammond, Father of the House, Ken Clarke or former justice secretary David Gauke. The MPs who have been invited back into the Conservative Party, includes Alistair Burt, Caroline Nokes, Greg Clark, Nick Soames, Ed Vaizey, Margot James, Stephen Hammond, Steve Brine, Richard Harrington, Richard Benyon.
  13. Not including those MPs who have already stated they won't run again. Who do you think, or hope, is a goner at the next election? I haven't heard that Soubry won't run so she is my number one pick. After her refusal for a by-election following leaving the Con party. Her claims she knew what her electorate wanted. I want to see her wiped off the political map, and I suspect she will be. Close in at number two, although I'm nowhere near as certain of the result. Jo Swinson, who could easily lose to the SNP. I wonder if she loses she'll ask for a second people's vote?
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