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    I've been out of work for a few weeks and as such I've slipped back into my natural circadian rhythm, that of the classic night owl. This was not an issue until almost exactly a week ago I quit smoking. As pleased as I am to have quit the evil weed it's driving me mad because I just can't seem to manage a decent night's or even day's sleep. The last few days I've managed to grab only a few hours sleep, usually in short bouts of 2 or 3 hours. Any suggestions to aid sleep?
  2. Based on the book of the same name, written by Philip. K. **** (author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - better known as Blade Runner) The book was ok, I watched an episode or two of the tv series but never really got into it.
  3. Definitely not new, a great series of films with some amazing fish caught. It took them years to film it. Great chemistry between Bernard and Martin, they obviously enjoyed each others company. If you haven't seen it, you should. Also, A Passion for Angling with Chris Yates is another nice angling series.
  4. Popped into Tesco today. £1.02 +change per liter
  5. You are aware that a loss of your sense of taste can be a coronavirus symptom?
  6. One of the creators of Asterix the Gaul, Albert Uderzo has passed away aged 92. (not corona related) I loved these books as a kid.
  7. Cannabis can certainly be psychologically addictive. I have no dispute with that. No major physical effects to withdrawal though. Crack is no more addictive than cocaine. They are the same drug. Crack is simply a smokeable form. I believe the "hit" is faster though. The explosion of crack in the states was at least partly down to the fact that users could buy $10 rocks rather than having to fork out for a weight of coke, that at the time was quite expensive. A cheap quick hit. As you say, personality may have something to do with it. There are certainly those with addictive personalities and that can take them down self destructive paths. My take. Legalise cannabis, decriminalise the rest. Our heroin related deaths are 12 times that of Portugal where drug possession has been decriminalised since 2001.
  8. Yes, only 3,000, opiate related. Include cocaine and prescription drugs and it's higher. Never tried heroin (I've heard it's a little moreish) so I can't compare. Maybe, in that particular direct comparison, I suppose it could be true. I'm sceptical though.
  9. Heroin deaths in the UK last year - almost 3,000. Marijuana deaths - 0
  10. I'm aware how much stronger it is. That still does not make it comparable to heroin. Let's put in this way. If I had a gun to your head and told you that for the next week you were going to smoke one or the other. We all know which one you'd be choosing, and it wouldn't be heroin. Ok, fair enough. Not in my experience though.
  11. Sorry, but no matter how strong modern strains are, they are not comparable to heroin. That's a ridiculous claim. There are very few, if any physical effects of going cold turkey on weed, whereas doing the same with heroin would leave you a fever ridden vomiting wreck. Plus, absolutely no one ever has died from THC toxicity. Never known a weed dealer to sell either of those. Some coke and pills/MDMA perhaps. Most small time dealers are selling to the party crowd, not hardline addicts. I suppose that could have changed, maybe it's different now. I agree though. Legalise it, tax it and fund the NHS. Free up thousands of police hours too. As far as I'm aware, in the states where it has been legalised, society hasn't collapsed and it's earning them million of dollars.
  12. Isn't Durham one of the places they ignore small time growing? Not that this sounds like a small grow. Having just finished watching Narcos I can't give you massive though, 1.000 acres is massive lol.
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