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  1. It seems a bunch of back bench MPs have somehow persuaded/forced the government to do an about turn on the UK adopting Huawei's tech for our 5G network. Definitely a good decision imho.
  2. That''s pretty much what I thought. The clue was in the thread title.
  3. I'm not sure I've heard any of his material. IIRC though I think Bill was a fan of his.
  4. That's how free speech works. You have an opinion, I have an opinion and the councillor has an opinion. Who decides what is offensive? If you're happy with the action BaSC is taking more power to you. As I said I don't like cancel culture, it has a habit of coming back to bite you in the ***. As I'm no longer a BaSC member they don't have to worry too much about what I think.
  5. Sorry I don't like cancel culture and the blocking of free speech whichever side is using it. Dave Taylor may be an awful human being with despicable views (I don't know him so I can't really say), but he has a right to an opinion.
  6. I would imagine she would feel much safer in a country that has no extradition treaty with the US. Her finances are apparently very difficult to track down and it is known she holds multiple passports.
  7. That's a new one on me. Marlborough Reds I presume? They were my chosen brand too before I went onto roll ups.
  8. 40 Marlies, that's hardcore!
  9. Yes, at the start of the covid thing, 27th March to be exact. I did a 48 hour fast at the same time. Nothing but black coffee and water. I think that may have helped simply because it removed the desire for the after meal smoke. As Sam Triple mentioned occupying your hands is one of the tough things. You might want to find something to fiddle with. I have some poker chips that I almost constantly play with now. Maybe try and stay away from things you really associate with smoking. I found that after a few beers I would start to really fancy a smoke so I cut down drinking for the first month or so. I honestly didn't find it that bad once I'd made the decision to quit, but you have to really want to. I had packets of tobacco and cigars laying around and was never really that tempted. Kept them for a couple of weeks just in case I lapsed and eventually flogged them to my neighbour. Worst part for me was absolutely horrific insomnia. For about 2 weeks I couldn't get more than about 3 hours sleep in any single session. Probably not helped by the lockdown but it does seem to be quite a common issue. Just treat it as one day at a time. Once you've gone past one day, one, week etc you can just tell yourself you've come this far and it's stupid to waste the effort you've made. It is worth it. Good luck.
  10. Great. Ever heard the saying "The left can't meme"? Did you even read the article I gave you?
  11. That's great except "The federal government may claim to be able to shut down the economy, but the truth is that states are the ones responsible for regulating the businesses that operate within their boundaries. So the federal government can’t order states to close down or reopen their businesses." "The second important element comes from another aspect of American federalism: The Constitution ensures that states not only retain powers beyond the federal government’s; they are also very independent from each other. Each state can develop its own policies and systems for delivering the services its residents need." So I'd be very careful about holding Trump responsible for how the US is dealing with this pandemic. Honestly I'd be very careful believing anything the UK press says about Trump because for the most part our media hate him. Take a look at the complete article I took those 2 quotes from. https://theconversation.com/whos-in-charge-of-lifting-lockdowns-137972 I'm afraid it's not as simple as "Orange man bad". Complete article here https://theconversation.com/whos-in-charge-of-lifting-lockdowns-137972
  12. Good! You misunderstand my anger. I don't for the most part blame individual police officers. Rather those at the top who give them their orders. However, those who chose to take a knee in front of BLM protesters, yes I'll happily tell them they're pathetic. The police do not take the job to be popular or to be seen as nice. They are there to do a job and that job is to enforce the law. As I think I have shown in other discussions I will back them to the hilt when I believe they are doing their job. I have always been respectful to the police in the few interactions I have had with them. I accept they have a difficult job. However it's a job they chose so I expect them to do it.
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