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  1. ryan 12


    selling my clulite only been used twice comes with battery and carry pouch the handle unscrews so can be mounted on rifle this item is nearly brand new £50 plus post 30 moa i piece picatinny mounts x2 there 20 each plus post 1 set of hivler base plates with 2 sets of rings £50 plus post 26mm and 30mm rings 1 set of mossback shooting tripod with bag £25 plus post 1 rcbs scales rc 130 £35 plus post pics via email
  2. Will have no 3 please
  3. ryan 12

    2 SCOPES

    IM selling 2 scope that are just sat here doing nothing1 BSA tactical swf 6-24x44 none if mil dot ret come with mounts to fit picatinny rail asking £70 plus post.little cosmetic wear and tear no crimp marks2 HAWKE nite-eye 6.5-20x50 mil dot ret not sure if ir works but apart from that scope is in good condition asking £50 plus post
  4. ryan 12


    have u got any pics please
  5. gunlugga sold and no's4 and 5 sold
  6. i have for sale 5 gun slips1 buffalo river 48 inch gun slip mint condition padded £202 gunlugga in green padded 40 inch £153 jack pyke shot gun slip 50 inch £154 unnamed gun slip padded £105 xm31 48 inch padded gun slip £106 deben tracer lamp with dimmer switch battery and carry bag mint condition £407 rcbs scales with pan weights its the rc130 scale £358 50mm sunshade 50mm long £59 40mm sunshade 70mm long £5 10 ase jet z .25 sound mod low shot count £120 either f2f or posted 11 bsa sweet tact none ir comes with mounts £ 70 posted 12 mossback tripod shooting sticks £20 never be
  7. ryan 12


    Wildcat now sorted
  8. ryan 12


    I'm after a wildcat Evo with 204 baffle stack if anybody has one please
  9. price drop on bsa scope £55 price drop on schmidt £325 plus post
  10. schmidt bender 8 x 56 scope a8 reticle crystal clear glass very good condition 26 mm tube comes with mounts and base plates hivler asking £350 ono plus post bsa tactical scope 6-24x44 mil ret some slight marks £ 65 posted u caller with one sound card and speaker £50 ono
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