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  1. Ile give it a go thank you. I’ve just been out for a drive on my dinner around work and found a lot of pigeons in what looks like 2 freshly plowed feilds but am not expert haha they fly from one field to the trees between the two then drop in to the other, how do I go about finding out who farms these fields ????
  2. Yes I have BASC cover already sorted had it a while, yeh that would be ideal to get out with someone I think I will have to go on some guided shoots maybe.
  3. Yes thank you am thinking of joining NPPC in the mean time l.
  4. Thank you everyone I’ve had a drive around this afternoon with the binoculars but it was raining so I didn’t see much maybe the pigeons were taking cover in the woods but I will have another scout around next week and maybe travel a little further a field to up my chances. One more thing though I’ve shot pigeon in the past with air rifles so kinda know a little about them what I’m a little short on is information about the farmers antics for example crop rotation crop knowledge things like that will this come as I go.
  5. Yeh I have some already done, just wondering if it’s a good time of year to be looking for permission if there is a “good” time.
  6. Yeh not looking forward to that part of it 😂, I’m planning on finding them feeding on a field and trying my chances that way
  7. I am Going to do a lot of studying and clay shooting to get ready to try find that ever elusive shooting permission over the next few months so I’m starting with this book, any advice from the pigeon shooting veterans would be a big help!!!
  8. Hi pigeonsrus I would be happy to help you If you are still looking for a shooting partner. Be great opportunity for me to learn and for you to share your knowledge as I am fairly new to pigeon shooting but a keen clay shooter. joedtowers26@gmail.com thankyou Joe
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