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  1. So, did some research on what to consider when buying first gun for clay and alot of what I seemed to understand was that alot of it is about fit and feel etc. So went down to local gun store and just got the guy to run through a few guns with me and feel wise at least the silver pigeon felt the best in my hands and I've since learned beretta does a free fitting for you even on privately bought used guns so decided to go with looking for a second hand silver pigeon. Now that I've made it this far with a budget of around 1900$ I'm looking at what more I might need to consider, I've run into this gun which has an adjustable comb which not many seem to have? but its a 2006 model so my next question would be how much should I be considering the age of the weapon? Some of what I read is that some people prefer the older silver pigeons as they believe they were made better, this one in particular looks beautiful to me and seems to have being taken care of well, any thoughts and/or advice between the 2 below? 1st gun (the 2006 model) 2nd gun (Another one I was considering)
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