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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply - I haven't been on in a while. For some reason I can't upload a photo as they're all o er the allowed size. If you type "How to make a crow rag decoy" in youtube, you'll find a tutorial on there. I stole the idea from the lad that makes them. They are honestly fantastic. Lightweight, portable and cheap.
  2. That's a fair point!. It is rather frustrating, but I understand why some farmers are cautious - and the rest of the farms seem to be tied up. I'll find somewhere evntually. I may just switch from pigeon and just pay for a syndicate shoot on the pheasants.
  3. Ye they're good. I like to make my own decoys with a black plastic bag on a stick. The most i've had using them is a mixed bag of 94 woodies and corvids. Light, cheap and very effective. Put 20/30 of them out and the birds drop straight in.
  4. Sprry for the delay - I didn't have it set to notify me if someone responds. Yes, I think i'll have to push further put than i'm used to back home. Thanks.
  5. 🤢 - wow. That is mental. I grew up in a farming area so shooting when I was younger was a breeze. I'll get out and about when this COVID- 19 stuff blows over. Sorry for the delayed response everyone, I didn't ask it to notify me if someone responds.
  6. I missed this season due to work; however, the season before I was beating in Catterick (Yorkshire) and Lauder (near Edinburgh)
  7. Good afternoon all; I trust you are all well and staying safe during this current issue. I'm Looking for shooting permission/mentors or partners in the Edinburgh area. If no permissions are available, I completely understand as they are sought after. If you are bored of rough shooting or decoying alone, i'll be more than happy to pop out with you for the odd days shooting and conversation. If you want to make sure that i'm not a lunatic (and I understand if you do) then please check out the Instagram page I run: Gamekeeper_Wales. Please PM me
  8. Just reading through some old messages. I can attest to that - currently trying to get permissions near Edinburgh and it's an absolute nightmare. I'm not very hopefull if i'm honest
  9. Fantastic advice. Whe. The lockdown finishes i'll be out and about the Edinburgh area trying to get some permissions. Thanks all 👍
  10. I've done that quite alot. The issue i'm finding with Edinburgh is that it's tied down. There is almost a queue for permissions or the farmers can't give it. I went to about 6/7 farms and none of them Could give the permission as they didn't have the shooting rights as the land was all rented off one person. I've had pleanty pf permissions before, i just seem to be struggling with Edinburgh.
  11. I've had this exact scenario. I didn't really "pull the birds off" i sat near the flight line that they were going onto the field on; and put out decoys 30 yds or so away from the boundry with my back against the fence. Alot of birds showed interest and came in low on their way into the fielf which presented a shot, but i was suprised at how many decoyed in. Good luck
  12. I often use sticks on bags to great affect. They are light and portable. The last time put out ten sticks on bags and 3 full body decoys i ended up with a mixed bag in the 90's. But i agree; if available nothing beats the real thing. Corvids are crafty *******.
  13. Good afternoon all. I'm new(ish) to pigeon watch; I have had the account a while, but never really used it. 

    I'm looking forward to meeting as many people as i can on here for a few reasons, and they are:

    1 - Expand my horizons and own opportunity. 

    2 - Learn from all of your experiance.

    3 - To gain shooting permission in and around Edinburgh. 

    I hope everyone had a good chrimbo. 

    I look forward to chatting to you in due course.  


  14. Good afternoon all. I'm looking for pest control opportunities in the Edinburgh area. I'm looking to use a shotgun to control Corvids, Pigeons and Rabbits on a regular/irregular basis based on the farmers needs. If you have a permission available please get in touch. Thank you, Rich
  15. Hello all. I live in Edinburgh and i am currently seeking shooting permission within about 30 mins of Edinburgh ski slope. I'm not new to this and welcome anyone with a pest issue to contact me with their details. Thank you, Rich.
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