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  1. it will be a legal rifle under 12 lbs. lucky to have all three thanks.
  2. Decided to buy a PCP rifle what else do I need to complete the setup?.
  3. thanks bruno, I am more concerned about the school at the back of me I try to shoot when there is no one about I don't want a visit from the fire arms division.Itake every precaution I can for everyone to be safe. thanks ultrastu.
  4. I have had no complaints and I don't want any on both sides of me the neighbours are old people and at the back of me is a school field I don't shoot until around 1800hrs and and week-ends there is a 7 foot fence all around my garden and the height of my targets are approx. 12 inches high with a concrete back stop and a pellet catcher the pellets don't go out of my boundary but I don't want to give anyone room to report me .
  5. could you give me your opinions on a very quiet air rifle for shooting in my back garden the one I have is supposed to be quiet but it sounds loud to me I have a gamo whisper X .22 I bought it because I thought it would be quiet eg whisper but its not, a pcp is too expensive for me. I have heard they are very quiet any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Saying hello to all on pigeon watch I am 76yrs young and revisiting my younger days I had a Dianna .177 pistol where you pressed down on the barrel to prime it had some fun with that gun I moved on to a Webley .177 pistol a lot better than the Diana, then moved on to BSA cadet major rifle,and then I moved onto a BSA .22 Airsporter side action cor what a rifle and now I am revisiting my youth I now have a Gamo whisper X .22 with scope well that's enough about me now to explore your website. oh thanks for letting me join.
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