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  1. Hi me and my pal are looking is it Northumberland?
  2. Any duck flights or walk about days in Northumberland ?
  3. Depending on land size and cost of either to purchase or lease , hilly woodland ect mate . Thanks
  4. Looking to purchase shooting rights from land owner / farm farmer in Northumberland with the main objective to set a small syndicate diy shoot away any friendly advice or a push in the right direction would be much appreciated
  5. Great offer would of took your hand off if it was Northumberland as I’m just starting out after 16 years out of it and wishing a hadn’t
  6. Yeah I go to a club and get out with for a shot my name is in the book thanks for the help / advice as av only getting back into it 4/5 months ago
  7. No time inside but heavy fines paid ! Last time a was in trouble was 7 years ago and 2 before that time a lot of it was over a shorter period with D n Ds for very silly thing s still ends up on your record so it doesn’t matter what end of the scale it is on . Coming back to haunt me now
  8. Thanks for the help / advice much appreciated I’m in BASC but haven’t been in 3 months yet just got to give it a go 🤞
  9. Hi am looking to put in for my shotgun license used to shoot when a was younger up to the age of 15/16 . Lost my way threw alcohol and ended up with 19 arrests against me 9 of which a was charged with one common assault and the rest drunk and disorderly/ criminal damage is there any chance of getting it ? Anyone else been in this situation ?am 31 now haven’t been in Trouble for 7 years .
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