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  1. No I haven't tried one but glad the ad worked for you
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply; appreciated, however, that particular rifle is not for me. Sorry but again thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm after a project so looking for a decent .177 or .22 air rifle to repair and refurbish. I'm not interested in any low end rifles as it wouldn't be worth time and effort but any mid to high range ones that deserves repairing and plenty TLC I'm interested in? Thanks in advance.
  4. 2' square fishing tackle box with padded lid stuck on, get nets/decoys/carts etc in and 1 less thing to carry
  5. Shearwater

    Wet shave.

    Use the trial packs of disposables of any brand they are a better quality and also always on offer
  6. Shearwater

    Bad knee

    flexiseq gel is very good but expensive, however, if you only use a very small sliver and allow to dry for a few mins WITHOUT rubbing it in then results are good after a few days on constant use
  7. Interesting comments chaps; thank you and of particular interest nothing on the socks yet!
  8. What are peoples experiences on performance ( I have read the sales verbiage ( but keen on what performs best )) of using Full bodied, stackable and sock decoys? Thanks in advance
  9. Shearwater

    Black Lab Puppy

    There were 2 nice red ones available in Lancaster but deff no blacks and I'm pretty sure they will have gone by now
  10. Remember to shell a handful for eating and enjoy your day
  11. No, Yeah I know pal but these are way way better so worth a go
  12. I'm usually not one for hype but Gordon Ramsey's best ever eggs are supposed to be something else. . . . wow I followed his method and they are a must try lads
  13. No probs, Track me down when it's time to go and play again
  14. He needs plenty rest and come out fighting as the 'opposition' need a word of clarity that everyone are doing their best in a crisis
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