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  1. I have a wealth of experience with TP's as a patient my friend but never had the injections. What I can tell is they can be a real big problem but treatment has instant positive results. You may not know you can treat them yourself if you buy a little bit of inexpensive kit. I assume you have been offered the injections and someone on here will probably advice accordingly, however, if you message me I'll try and point you in the right direction Good luck
  2. Pigeons all over the place near me in very small numbers as think they are full as so much food to hand and not having to fly far from where they are roosting so like us all become lazy when it's warm and everything is nice n easy
  3. Rough shooting through the day and end at the woods for pigeons
  4. Might as well join the party, what are these if I may ask? ( Please don't bite my head off lol )
  5. That's what I had in mind as they are too high for me or should I say pretty confident I'd miss them, I think I started a good debate on the legalities tho
  6. Hi all, a little advice please. I have permission on land which is directly under a flight line but at neither end of it ( ie/ the birds are travelling high on the way from point A to B ) are these birds decoyable or are they hell bent on where they want to go? TIA
  7. If you want to step it up another level, try it with snap caps. . . . you may only get 9/10 but good practice as it makes you follow through your shot
  8. No I haven't tried one but glad the ad worked for you
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply; appreciated, however, that particular rifle is not for me. Sorry but again thanks
  10. Hi all, I'm after a project so looking for a decent .177 or .22 air rifle to repair and refurbish. I'm not interested in any low end rifles as it wouldn't be worth time and effort but any mid to high range ones that deserves repairing and plenty TLC I'm interested in? Thanks in advance.
  11. 2' square fishing tackle box with padded lid stuck on, get nets/decoys/carts etc in and 1 less thing to carry
  12. Shearwater

    Wet shave.

    Use the trial packs of disposables of any brand they are a better quality and also always on offer
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