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  1. I saw old Xmas trees ( free very shortly ) meshed together to make a warm border around a felled/exposed wood that brought all birds back
  2. There is also the humane side of things. . . . Like probably everyone I prefer a clean kill, yet some are winged/pricked and there need to be dispatched asap and I hate it if delayed or worse; can't be found after the drive...…I understand laws can't be made with peoples feelings in mind and can only be based on facts but it would be nice if the law allowed a trained dog to enter and retrieve a bird without causing an almighty fuss
  3. Wow, what an interesting thread this has become and similar to our elevenses has become educational
  4. Yes was the answer today Thanks and like most of us we have had parts instilled into us from boyhood, the problem is those updates/changes and in a nutshell we are all guessing but it must be written down on a government website somewhere but I can't find it
  5. The rabbit answer is. . . they certainly not game nor vermin but the guy couldn't remember the official answer which got me to thinking to pose the post on here!
  6. Me too and always have ( this was the source of the latest complaint as one of our spaniels was sent to collect a pricked bird) BUT evidently that's not allowed either and the responsibility lies with the landowner even if it's not dead. . . . imagine an elderly person with no dog catching a winged bird!!
  7. The spent shot subject also came up and one guy said the spent shot was considered as 'trespassing' in the eyes of the law Another one voiced over a drink and a slice of pie was. . . rabbits are no longer classed as vermin
  8. Your view was mentioned this morning along with slight variations of it ( shot but not dead ), however, like yourself non of us actually knew the letter of the law. . . . . maybe someone on here knows what the law actually states so we can all read it?
  9. Where do I find the legal answer to this? Today we were all out in the field and the head keeper said after a complaint we were no longer to cross a certain boundary fence; note taken on board we went about our day and at elevenses the topic of legal/permitted entry came up when a shot bird lands over our boundary either dead and pricked! There was a few of us with lots of experience who all had a slightly different take on what was/wasn't allowed. . . . Now 20 years ago common sense would have prevailed, however, we all thought it would be best to find out the current law, so my question to you guys is where is the official legislation available to read? Cheers
  10. Just had 30 day old fillet steak priced at a £5 and was spot on I must say
  11. Done and he followed, he will sit but needs restrained before meals as waaaaaants his food, will follow my other dog on a whistle and sometimes on his own too, not toooooo amused with collar and slip lead, wants to play/fight with old dog but can't say it's playful in all honesty so separate them...……… While I'm cracking the above skills any other simple skills to start working on? Cheers
  12. We started using this daily a week ago but no signs of improvement yet
  13. I've had good success using a variety of decomposing animals/birds/fish heads near the edge of a wood as they are difficult to fool with decoys and you need decent cartridges too
  14. Shearwater

    2 Dog crate

    Yeah a tad too far but thanks When you next there as need one soon as just borrowing one at the moment
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