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  1. Welcome and if you can tell us all about your gun, experience and wants/needs then it will help us to help you otherwise we are all shooting in the dark!
  2. Shearwater


    I assume back when you could take on those small bungalows ( moguls ) you refreshed yourself in the highest Irish bar in the world? Both Val's are superb in Feb and must agree the snow/cold can be a problem but wow I reckon the skiing was tip-top
  3. Shearwater


    Morzine is good, I've done a bit over the years and don't have much style but don't fall over either. Val Thorens / Val d'Isère take some beating in my humble opinion especially once you got some confidence and experience and get away from the crowds
  4. Shearwater


    Stayed in a place called whiskey creek in a time share resort of log cabins which were rented out through a local estate agency and skied Mammoth - top top skiing, cabins were 5 star ++ with open fires and hot tubs, no apres scene so would probably suit you
  5. Shearwater


    States or Canada fab and tonnes of off-piste but apres skiing is nothing like Europe and across the pond the lifts are long and slow
  6. I have the opposite problem, can shoot pigeons but miss alot of clays, same problem in reverse but maybe I have food for thought. Went duck flighting for the first time a long time ago with a bunch of pals and was considered to be a competent shot, however, to my amazement I missed the first 5 birds and my mates were rolling with laughter, anyhow one wise old mate asked what you aiming at your above every shot ( other crude language was used ) I said the bird, no no no was the answer - aim at the feet as they are dropping and slowing - job sorted. So as above there are lot's of facto
  7. That seems a great bit of kit for the money; how good is night-time footage?
  8. England's defence won that game for sure and reckon Itoji got MOTM by a fraction because of his victory dance!
  9. Never heard of these but sounds a great idea
  10. It wasn't me but happy to help. What device do you use?
  11. May I suggest that sweat played a part in your wetness because you refer to a hill?!? One answer I have found when walking/working/beating in the wet is a wicking t-shirt ( Tresspass £5) , an expensive feel good jacket ( I use Paramo £300 ) then a second hand Goretex shell which gives you thorn/dog/barb-wire proofing ( Ebay £20 ) If your standing around or suffer from the cold then layers with some nice Tweed if you want to look the part or buy a Ridgeline Smock in extreme wet/cold I'm absolutely certain you need more than one configuration of wears depending on what your doing
  12. The OP wrote his son has 10 x top scores but got a D from his dad on the subject of milk opening; but who opened the milk? If the son did it himself he should turn out a good hands on member of staff for someone or go self-employed, if he made a scene and someone did it for him I would suggest he should go into senior management
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