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  1. Sorry, but as I say they look the same but would guess different https://www.drainagesuperstore.co.uk/product/aco-hexdrain-plastic-channel-drain-a15-class-1m.html
  2. I need to add to my existing rain water gulley but in my experience of gutters etc there are always slight differences between manufacturers when trying to by spare parts Mine look like these but have no markings on them, so how do I ID them https://www.drainagesuperstore.co.uk/product/aco-hexdrain-138mm-x-100mm-x-1000mm-b-125-loading.html Cheers
  3. Cash is just about finished, all that is needed is the last remaining few rural shopkeepers to accept card and that will be the end I'm afraid. . . . As a cashking all my life it's upsetting and really annoying but nothing we can do as the banks are doing their part as they can't be seen to be fuelling crime which is what cash does. . . . .We better start bartering again
  4. So. . . .. BIG question. . . . Can England beat NZ assuming both get to titthe final? Never saw the match but have seen the score and your comments assume it was messy!!
  5. Japan are certainly focused and a formidable force. . . suppose that's what their culture is all about
  6. Peculiar England game. . . . Dunno yet if that's what they had to do to win as I assume that was the goal vs looking good? I really hope they have more flair in the bag for whats on the horizon and recon George Ford was man of the match
  7. The powder used in steel cartridge is extremely sensitive to moisture ingress and even if it does fire it probably will be less effective but Eley seem to have solved the age old problem
  8. On a recent shoot someone had a boatload of Eley steel which didn't fire. . . . turns out they had been left in his 'shooting' transport ( a battered old 4x4) they are now on the way back to Eley but the suspicion is the firing pins were good and the powder has become damp/wet/moist. . . . keep those steels warm and dry! https://www.eleyhawkltd.com/media-events/press-releases/eley-hawk-launches-the-first-disolvable-and-biodegradeable-wad- Seems to have the issue solved BUT how many old stock is there out there?
  9. I have been on the 'package' trips before and as everyone says. . . .expensive! I'm wondering if getting a central location somewhere and then travel by train to the matches, has anyone travelled by train across France as to cost/ease?
  10. I fancy going but have only been on rugby tour once to stade francais a long time ago; so. . . . . . Is anyone going or can give any pointers? Cheers
  11. Was in the back of the shoot trailer yesterday and was advised to try Black cow vodka. . . . has anyone tasted it? Cheers
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