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  1. If you are from Cheltenham, book a few lessons with Steve Nutbeam at Longridge shooting groung, one of the best instructors in the country,
  2. Figgy, I agree, would be great to have a beer with Ricardo.
  3. And the presentation was by Pele. to Schumacher in Brazil. Which bit did I get wrong?
  4. That was said in 2006, when he missed the presentation by Pele,
  5. Very honest and intelligent reasoning.
  6. Some of the companies allow you to mirror your no NCB on to another policy.
  7. I don't know whether democracy is at risk, but law and order surely is.
  8. Quite agree, but what should happen now is the video footage used to identify all the people causing criminal damage and being prosecuted.
  9. Did you not think it would smell in their bin?.
  10. Chris B123

    E bike

    We bought a couple last August, 2 cube 500 pro's, list price was £2,200 each, but if you wait till they release the next years model, we got them for £1,650 each. I know its above your budget, but the principle would still apply.
  11. I have two cars each with a separate insurance policy, one has 14 yrs no claims, the other 16yrs. If I had a claim on one policy, would I lose my no claims on both?. I ask because I was thinking of taking out a multi policy. Thanks for any replies.
  12. I don't think that Webley 810 was particularly cheap, there are better deals on Gunwatch😀
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