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  1. I don't think that Webley 810 was particularly cheap, there are better deals on Gunwatch😀
  2. A big price drop on this gun, down to £1590, must make it the cheapest DT10 in the country. Selling due to living abroad for months at a time, and don't want it left in the house.
  3. Just to add, I have been a member on this site for over ten years and bought and sold a number of items with no problems. My user name was Chris B, But I have changed email address and forgotten password.
  4. 9 optima Muller chokes, used in my DT10, selling the gun so the chokes are for sale, I used number 1,s and 2,s mostly so the others are hardly used. Selling as a set, £270 image:312
  5. This is my gun, message me if you need any info.
  6. This is my gun, message me if you need any info.
  7. Why was the armed forces put on standby and the reservists being called up in case we crashed out without a deal? What did they expect to happen?
  8. If you have the transformer, no brainer, go 110v
  9. If these watches go up in value every year, why do the companies sell them, why not sell them next year for more😂
  10. I don't know if I am being silly, but after posting here on Monday about my wait for a SGC renewal, first thing Tuesday I receive a call to make an appointment for a interview. Just coincidence, or do they read these forums.
  11. My SGC ran out yesterday, I put in for renewal early December, I have rang up 4 times in the last two weeks asking about it, I have been told it has been renewed and it is in one of the officers folders. They say don't worry you are all legal as the license has been renewed, it evens says this on their web page. Why can't they post it, then come and inspect the cabinet, they could always revoke it if they weren't satisfied. Three weeks its been with him, he must have an awful long list of people to see if it takes this long.
  12. For all that pipework, the boiler doesn't look that big. I think it looks great, very tidy job.
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