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  1. Thanks Jay, very kind of you to offer. I managed to shoot at the Fennes today, bloody glorious day, the hour drive each way was a pain though. I’ll have to see how things pan out, but if ever I fancy it I’ll Message you. I did notice that with two of us today we burned through clays like there was no tomorrow 😮 thanks for the invite, very much appreciated 👍🏻
  2. Very nice day generally means very busy grounds, don’t want to be new guy holding everyone up..
  3. Yes that’s my thoughts exactly, I’ll certainly hit more clays when I’m not on the sofa!! Didn’t manage to brave it today but hopefully get out in the coming week. Thanks all 👍🏻
  4. I have had instruction from some good shots whilst out on the grounds, and also a session at Eastern Sporting in the simulator, I just want to practice all of the things I have learned or discover where I need specific coaching. Sounds like the Fennes might be worth the extra effort.. I have read about JJ’s, it looks good but the website is very limited with info, I am busting to get out. I have heard some good things. Thanks for the replies!!
  5. 🚨 *First post Alert* 🚨 Good evening all, I am a novice clay basher, I have shot a handful of times since being granted my SGC 2 years ago and I have always shot with my buddy who is a born and bred shooter. However he lives a way away and I want to get out and try to get into it a bit more. I have never shot alone but think I need to in order to get some practice in and my two options are Saturday’s at either Dartford or the Fennes. Dartford is 15mins drive Vs Fennes @ an hour away. I prefer to shoot sporting and I know both Dartford and Fennes have time delayed traps so both are available. So, do I go Dartford at 15mins each way and £15 for 50 sporting, or Fennes at an hour each way and I don’t know the price? Would I be welcome as a lone, novice shooter at both and is Fennes worth the extra travel? Would appreciate your advice??
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