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  1. Hi mate, Rat Works don’t work on these rifles but I have just got back from the field. I filled to 210bar (still in the green) and ran 30 shots, the first 20 were bang on at 35yds, the next 10 dropped and were around an inch low and still grouped well but seemed strange as it was a step change and not a gradual drop in POI. I refilled to 210 bar and run another 10 and they were back to zero and grouping well. So, it was pretty good but only for 20 shots and maybe only 10 if I stop filling at 200bar. I then plotted up for 15mins and took a squizzer at 30 yards with a perfect shot so not the sho
  2. Yeah I’ve heard they can be a bit hit and miss, get a good one and they can keep up with the big boys but may not have the ‘look’ some people want. As a shotgun shooter I don’t want to spend loads on a rifle but would like to have a reliable (reasonable) rifle for the days I really want a bit of peace shooting with my boy. I appreciate your offer for taking it into AirFective, I have emailed RatWorks to see what they would charge for a service. final stupid question, can I shoot it without the moderator on (without effecting accuracy) as I want to see if this may be clipping and causing a
  3. Where abouts are AirFective based - I assume you would recommend them? My brother talks about RatWorks tuning so maybe that is the way forward?
  4. Thanks Bruno, warranty claim is definitely not an option. I did notice yesterday that the factory moderator doesn’t seem that secure and there seems to have been a few clipped shots at some point. I am out over the field Friday, I hope to fill to 200, run 40 odd shots, refill and go again a few times and see how that goes!!
  5. Thanks @Ultrastu, I don’t have an Ultra (yet) but was thinking of getting one. It’s a shame as I wanted the Artemis for my boy to start using so I guess I will zero in at a closer range and just limit the usable distance. I wasn’t expecting the world with the rifle, I am realistic but really need to have confidence in the tool I’m using otherwise I am always questioning the shot I would want to take.
  6. Cheers guys, I fill it to just under 200bar that way I get maybe 30 shots to group, if I fill to 200bar then maybe the first 5 - 10 are a bit wonky then it settles, probably get 25-30 before it has dropped noticeably. The biggest issue though is when I refill I feel like the zero will have changed because I can’t fill it back to exactly the same pressure - bizarre I know but doesn’t fill me with confidence when taking aim. I have read (and the manual states) that the Mk1 is unregulated and the Mk2 comes regulated as standard. What makes me wonder though is that the Ultra isn’t regulat
  7. Hi all, I have recently taken hold of an Artemis M11 as a favour from a friend to be able to get out with the rifle on pest control duties. I would normally take my shotgun but sometimes we fancy a quiet stalk and the shotgun just isn’t an option. However, I can get the rifle to group well but when I refill back to the same pressure 30 shots later the group can be off and it does drop POI pretty quickly. I know it’s not a regulated gun but neither is the Ultra and that seems to do ok. What are my options and is there any owners who do or don’t have the same issues? Yes I know it’s a cheaper gu
  8. Thanks Jay, very kind of you to offer. I managed to shoot at the Fennes today, bloody glorious day, the hour drive each way was a pain though. I’ll have to see how things pan out, but if ever I fancy it I’ll Message you. I did notice that with two of us today we burned through clays like there was no tomorrow 😮 thanks for the invite, very much appreciated 👍🏻
  9. Very nice day generally means very busy grounds, don’t want to be new guy holding everyone up..
  10. Yes that’s my thoughts exactly, I’ll certainly hit more clays when I’m not on the sofa!! Didn’t manage to brave it today but hopefully get out in the coming week. Thanks all 👍🏻
  11. I have had instruction from some good shots whilst out on the grounds, and also a session at Eastern Sporting in the simulator, I just want to practice all of the things I have learned or discover where I need specific coaching. Sounds like the Fennes might be worth the extra effort.. I have read about JJ’s, it looks good but the website is very limited with info, I am busting to get out. I have heard some good things. Thanks for the replies!!
  12. 🚨 *First post Alert* 🚨 Good evening all, I am a novice clay basher, I have shot a handful of times since being granted my SGC 2 years ago and I have always shot with my buddy who is a born and bred shooter. However he lives a way away and I want to get out and try to get into it a bit more. I have never shot alone but think I need to in order to get some practice in and my two options are Saturday’s at either Dartford or the Fennes. Dartford is 15mins drive Vs Fennes @ an hour away. I prefer to shoot sporting and I know both Dartford and Fennes have time delayed traps so both are av
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