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  1. I am thinking of updating/upgrading one of my 12gauge guns I use for clays, its been a while since purchased a new gun, therefore I would welcome any advice from owner experience as to which model I should invest in, (unfortunately I cannot afford both)!
  2. No, I don’t think that applies, as I shoot with an Easy Hit and with out, once you become accustomed to the changes of the bead it tends to help not hinder!
  3. Can be helpful with eye dominance (Right handed/Master Left eye) I have fitted an EasyHitBead to my Granddaughter’s A400 and have seen a good improvement with her overall Clay hits, also noted that it does help with a beginner getting the gun mounted,level etc. Good in low light conditions, cheap robust and easy to fit. Not all shooters can focus on the the clay, and if a bright bead assists the correct position of the barrels and enables a successful ‘hit’ ,why not??
  4. Atkin Grant and Lang shoot ground, any good? Grateful for any info re facilities etc! thanks!
  5. Try Coniston and kelbrook, both are good grounds, variety of targets and snacks available!
  6. Try a ‘Easy Hit’ bead, cheap, easy to fit and use and tend to help with master eye problems etc!
  7. Good reports on Thimberly, I shot there a couple of times during the summer holidays with my grandsons good results, a sensible targets to accommodate all abilities of shooters. Easy access, plenty of parking, a good restaurant provides plenty of choice for snacks/lunches. Fair prices and the ground is well maintained, I regularly shoot at Coniston and Kelbrook used to shoot at Park Lodge but seems to have slipped its standards, poorly maintained traps etc, so more than happy to visit Thimberly when I get the opportunity !
  8. Ashcombe offer a good selection of claymate , sport trap, skeet, double rise, high tower and English sporting, the rabbit range is excellent (if that’s what you like)! Open Wednesday-Sunday, offer instruction , easy parking and refreshments!
  9. Yeph, I also have noticed a few ‘slow’ comp x cartridges and I’ve changed to sporting 100 8s 28grms (light recoil) and amber 8shot 24grms (eley) both seem to work ok , both with the o/u and semi autos, fast enough for general shooting both are 70mm cartridges, a little more expensive but well worth it , both provide similar patterns , effective out to 40 mtrs +.
  10. Hull Superfast is a good cost effective cartridge, I’ve used them for more than 5 years without any problems. I was at Coniston on the day when a barrel was breached with an obstruction, and spoke to the to the shooter, I believe he was was using CompX! I have had a number of misfires over the years, generally caused by ‘light strikes’, also had a batch of Fiocchi 28gauge that discharged ok but the primer came out of the base when fired and caused a jam on my A400, strange!! A light measure or damp powder can cause misfires, I also had a slab of Hull 21grm CompX which produced several lightly struck primers! I always wait a full 2 minutes before unloading a misfired shell, which should avoid a ‘slow burner’! I have also noticed that in my 50years of shooting experience that when ever a blocked barrel occurs it is a fibre wad that has failed to leave the barrel (never seen or heard of a plastic wad sticking in a barrel) or caused by negligence, failure to clear mud, snow from the muzzle or a cleaning mop/brush left in the barrel. I always pull the barrel through before firing to remove any excess oil and establish the bore is clear, simple steps to help my day go as smoothly as possible! Sometimes I even hit a few clays!! Luckily incidents these are very rare and modern factory produced cartridges operate exactly as intended
  11. I shoot a couple of field semi autos one has a 26” & one a 28” barrel both shoot well in most situations great versatility by simply fitting extended chokes, giving the ability to handle most clays, sports trap, double rise etc, for skeet simply use the flush chokes . A shorter barrel will aid faster target acquisition, reduce front end weight and make the gun easier to handle for a beginner or a person of slight build. With good cartridge selection enjoyable to shoot, with out the experience and skill required to use a longer barrel style. It does require a lot of skill to use anything longer than 30” and good upper body strength to maximise a long barrel, great if you can handle it well! Simply don’t get a gun that’s too big to begin with, if you progress to competition or a specialised sport, then a specific gun would most likely provide the better hits/score!
  12. Thanks for all your advice, good idea to check out the CPSA website, didn’t think of that! Will definitely check it out!
  13. Just found Straight Shooters website, does anyone have any experience of using the ground, it states that it is a booking ground? Also found Swinton estate which apparently offers clay mate practice for regular shooters, near Ripon? Hopefully visiting the area in the new year and thought about giving them a go, if I can find out what the grounds are actually like? Any information would be great! Thanks!
  14. I’ve visit the shooting show at the NEC on several occasions , I found it pretty good but very crowded, the Northern Shooting Show held at the Yorkshire Show ground slightly better as although very well attended plenty of out side stands etc, (which provide social distance) also a shooting line within the show ground where try guns are available, Clay comps, practical shotgun, air gun comps, have a go stands for air rifle, .22 small bore as well as the usual dealers stands for optics, field gear, and refreshments. Provided the weather is reasonable a good day out!
  15. Yeph, 70mm length cartridges are required for most modern semi automatic shot guns, as this length of shells provide the necessary gas to operate the action effectively, 65mm cartridges will generally jam up and not feed the next shell into the chamber, of course you can always fire one at a time!
  16. Thanks for the reply, all info helps, on referring to the hand book it actually mentions this can occur! Having only inertia trigger fired guns previously, it’s more likely that it’s my trigger release is what is causing this to happen! Hope so, and I will get it right and call it running in! I did some dry firing tests using ‘snap caps’ and the trigger unit functioned correctly every time, still seems a bit strange for this to happen on such a quality shot gun!!
  17. Mmmm! Just got a 725 Black in 20gauge, I also seem to have a problem with the trigger resetting for the second shot, for it appears only to occur When the lower barrel is selected to fire first. I have used a selection of cartridges in 21grms 65mm Hull Pro Twenty & Eley CT, Eley Amber70mm , which is a powerful load at this weight of shell, but not much difference, still locks up. So far doesn’t seem to occur when the top barrel is selected to fire first! If after firing the 1st barrel I then open the action, remove the fired round and replace it, as the action has now been ‘re-cocked’ the gun will shoot ok , till the trigger locks up again! Not happy, first Browning l’v owned, part exchanged my Beretta A400 for it, hopefully it’s a running in process and as I get used to the mechanical trigger things will improve and the gun will perform as expected! Will carry out some more testing, Try snap caps etc, and keep a record of the loads fired, If no joy, l’ll go back to Beretta and say sorry l’ll never leave you again!!
  18. All ways in my sight, arms length. Or stowed securely, never left loafing, asking for trouble!!
  19. 28gauge excellent, providing you use a suitable cartridge for your needs, ok, got an o/u any shell’s will work light to carry, if shooting clays 21gram 9s does the trick. A400, minimum wt needs to be 21grms and 70mm cartridge to recycle the action efficiently, Rhino do extended chokes which pattern well. The pattern at 30yrds if compared to a12gauge using similar chokes and cartridges (eg 24gram /full choke) the pattern is very similar in spread, however the 12 has more pellets ,but the 28s coverage is more than adequate for reasonable clays and light rough shooting!
  20. I am currently considering getting a Silver Pigeon, with two sets of barrels 28gauge&410 , looking for general advice, I believe it is counted as one gun for certification purposes??
  21. Soon visiting the Coventry area, any good grounds?
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