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  1. I dare not advertise for a 23 sideby side yet
  2. Major Thanks again to all in pigeonwatch world. Looked for another rare gun. Sorted within half hour!!!! Cheers all
  3. All sorted now woo hoo
  4. Baikel man

    Winchester sx1

    Anyone got sx1 semi auto up for grabs ?
  5. Baikel man

    Remington 1100

    iv got 2 early teague multichoke and a half let me have a measure
  6. proper one seeland the baikel of magnets
  7. Baikel man

    Remington 1100

    just scrapped one. Got spare barrel if any use
  8. mac avoy guns standish wigan lancs
  9. only thing iv known of is national pigeon pest control they have permission in derby
  10. Yep he was breaking one a while ago. I bought some bits
  11. junior hacksaw blade taped to bamboo etc they rock lovely
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