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  1. Baikel man


    Hi looking for winchoke mod please
  2. Its been interesting as iv been invited by Gamekeeper. So really he is authorised agent of the landowner
  3. Yes He has every wood covered so good point
  4. Iv been asked to go roost shooting by gamekeeper in Feb. Obv all other woods covered and we are trying to keep the pigeons on the move. The police and Basc require written permission by farmer to roost shoot. If everyones out shooting how do I know which farmer to ask for permission?
  5. Wabbitboshers on heres the one to contact
  6. There should be a small slot underneath. Shove a junior hacksaw blade taped to a rod for a feeding motion
  7. Well i just shoved a fibreglass pole through mine and used it as a floater seemed to do the trick
  8. Yes time was my only affordable gun single barrel 12. Hope this finds a grateful owner
  9. Wabbitbosher is the man to ask aka Mick Vokes guns Northants
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