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  1. iv got some manual ones
  2. i know of a whole gun for just over 200 quid ?
  3. I had one sold it regretted it bought another its like an extention to your arm lovely gun
  4. Apologies folks iv got the xtr so must be pigeon grade too
  5. Baikel man

    AYA extractor

    Micks my first point of call
  6. Well iv got the super magnum sx2 that will fire 65mm cases. iv not tried my other sx2s
  7. Just a massive thankyou to pigeonwatch. Needed a trigger unit for my remington 1100 within 24 hours all sorted
  8. lancs I can pay postage 😀
  9. Baikel man

    Remington 1100

    Help need remington 1100 trigger unit cheers
  10. Yep i got some tasco bins from a charity shop 2 weeks since for fiver
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