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  1. Try Macavoy guns standish Lancs I think they had one in ?
  2. Thanks to all whom purchased decoys yesterday. Heres the last batch I think theres 7 shell decoys and 5 full bodied or can probably even it out. Anyway £20 pick up north west or £30 posted .
  3. Sold to akka. One dozen left folks
  4. Pigeon decoys for sale 6 shell 6 full bodied 20 quid pick up 30 inc post. Based in west lancs . Cheers
  5. Postage for decoys £10 for 12
  6. Im in ormskirk north west. There are more available if anyone wants some. Doing batches of 6 full body 6 shells. just a clear out
  7. Dozen pigeon decoys six shell six full body £20. Can post for extra cheers
  8. Have you considered MZ ? Same dkw roots bit cheaper. Iv owned loads of both .
  9. Bamfords gun shop eccleston lancs had one in
  10. Its a right of passage
  11. I was just about to pass on your name Mick
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