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  1. This is true. I would hope responsible shooters would know the difference
  2. Another vote for Bisley here! I work there so I would say that! You can book a lesson and rent rifles so it's a good introduction. If you want a good marker my website is in my profile and I work through the NRA too. You can ask for a particular marker when you book a target. I wish your boy luck and hope he enjoys himself on the range.
  3. Anythinglike the tower bridge, built when horse power was common amazing. Modern bridges do look good but aren't as impressive.
  4. It's a fine line between preserving the countryside and providing APPROPRIATE places to live. It seems if you're a multi million pound company it's easier to get planning permission for a new housing estate than to convert your own existing building. I think that's the wrong way round!
  5. Tooth decay bacteria can cause organ damage take the chance, as long as he's otherwise fit.
  6. It's never about the law or the view or local environment. It's always been about the money! That said I hope that the council get plenty out of the land owner! He's taking the pee and could afford to have done the planning application properly, even an appeal if need be.
  7. Ha ha ha that's a new one for me! Thanks for the heads up...
  8. I am down for Friday, AM is private marking and PM is NRA. Happily the kids have mostly gone back to college and only do some works at week ends. I know some of the senior markers won't work with the kids. Is message 15 like message 13 only more extreme?
  9. I get the distinct impression even the NRA have a poor opinion of their own markers. I was on a target today, next to me was an NRA instructor with their shooter. It seemed like every time they mentioned markers, it wasn't complimentary. And they wonder why I am going over to private marking...
  10. I have mates who are markers and shooters. I hear some firearms officers will do cert update visits over the phone...
  11. Why thank you! I have a couple of booked days next week, and still work for the NRA, but their work is going quiet. I suppose it's the end of the season now. I have heard of other markers working when there's snow on the ground, but I will know more when I have seen the winter out! If anybody needs a private marker, please get in touch!
  12. I'm surprised nobody has replied. I thought somebody would have a good moan about Butt markers!
  13. Just over a year ago the company I was delivering for went into liquidation. I needed to get some gainful employment. For the first time in over twenty years I was on the job market. It was Vince from this very forum that suggested I try applying to Bisley to be a Butt Marker. By then, it was the end of the season, and I had to wait until just before the next season, to attend a 'course' on target marking. I couldn't start work in the Butts until I had done the training. After a cancelled course (bad weather?!!) I did complete the course and have been marking now for only six months. It seems a lot longer though, in a good way! I love my job, but that love doesn't extend to everybody I work with. Some of the younger markers are hugely trying. From constantly staring at their phones, to not even knowing how to operate a simple two way radio, I wonder how they get home at night... Any questions?
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