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  1. Cheers for the reply mate! No I’d rather wait for a MEC 600jr or 9000gn mate! It needs to be a constant powder drop and have been told the Leo load all is not very accurate!! it’s not too much of an issue with the 12 an 20 but with the tube set the pressure needs to Be consistent so it doesn’t crack the tubes! kind regards
  2. Yeah mate I’ve got the MEC 9000GN .410 had it for years! To Reload for skeet!
  3. Cheers mate! thats just about my luck!!
  4. Hi everyone merry Christmas! I’m looking for a 28gauge MEC reloading machine Thought I would put it on here as someone might have one lying around! Get in touch! regards pete
  5. Welcome! ATA are a good fun for the money!
  6. This sounds like fun I will have to get my semi auto working for next year! 😁
  7. Welcome! Hope you find what your looking for! 😀
  8. Welcome! There must be loads of shooting in your neck of the woods mate?
  9. Welcome to pw enjoy your stay! 😆
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