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    sheffield south yorkshire
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    I enjoy a little night shooting, ferreting, pigeon shooting I used to work my lurcher a lot now I only have my trusty terrier

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  1. How is the pigeon shooting on freshly drilled winter rape as I have some going in on my permission and it's my first year shooting so I'm just wondering if it's any good?? Thanks guys
  2. can I have a pair please black and khaki if you pm me ill send you my bacs and deliver address thank you
  3. I am from Sheffield south Yorkshire how about yourself?
  4. hi all thank you for having me on your forum my name is danny and I enjoy all aspects of hunting I have been fetched up from a very young lad with hunbting and shooting just a quick greeting to introduce my self thank you again
  5. hello all I am a Yorkshire lad, I have recently got my shotgun licence I have hunted and shot since I was a little one and now just upped my game to the next level if any one would be kind enough to offer me a little permission on some pesky birds and any thing else you need a hand with, I have shot pigeon decoying before with a friend that took me along a few times any guidance would be grateful. I thank you for taking the time to read this!
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