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  1. I've always used a good quality 15/40 engine oil. I buy it in 45 gallon drums for work. Never ending supply of the stuff! I read about different spec gun oils with suspicion. I thought all detergent oils by design contained corrosion inhibitors? Could be wrong. It has happened once before.....,
  2. I did wonder about this. I've no experience of this oil yet, but any of the original brass oilers I have certainly have a distinctive smell. My RFD reckons it smells just like his army cadet days! Regards, Rob.
  3. Cheers, DUNKS. I asked the original question because there is an article that says 303 'oil' was designed specifically for the Lee Enfield, but modern firearms require a thinner oil. I found that to be slightly misleading. Regards, Rob.
  4. Hello, mate. Did the undiluted 'oil' have any lubrication qualities? Regards, Rob.
  5. Evening, all. Sorry if I'm going over old ground, but the more I read, I realise the less I know. My basic question is what oil was used in the Lee Enfield oil bottle? There are articles by ex armourers that say Youngs 303 was designed specifically for the job. I have seen videos where the contents of the oiler are dissolved in water and funnelled down the bore for cleaning purposes, and also seen videos where the dropper has been used to oil the bolt. So is Youngs a cleaner and an oil, or was something else used. Many thanks for any information on this. Regards, Rob.
  6. Cheers for the replies, gents. Enough there to set my mind at ease. Regards, Rob.
  7. Evening, Newbie. Cheers for the reply. Always good to hear from the horses mouth. Any review I can find seems to suggest that the old style are more robust. But let's be honest, they aren't massively expensive. I did look at RCBS(?), but again mixed reviews and a hefty price tag. Regards, Rob.
  8. Has anyone any experience with the hand held priming tool? I want one for priming 303 brass, but am led to believe that the newer ones are not that good. Any suggestions on what to buy? Many thanks. Regards, Rob.
  9. Afternoon, all. Was hoping to be getting to grips with the fireforming by now. However, I had a call from my RFD. The Enfield is at the shop, but I can't legally collect it until after lockdown. That's kinda put a spanner in the works........., Regards, Rob.
  10. Sorry cervusman, only just seen this. You mention SP3. Would you pick this over any other powder, or is it what you've always used and are happy with? Only ask because some people fiercely seem to defend a certain powder, and I want an understanding of why. I could try different brands myself, but it's cheaper to ask! Many thanks. Regards, Rob.
  11. Afternoon, mate. Yeah, the black powder wads seems to be the way to go. Out of interest, what were you firing the brass cases out of? Only ask because I'm looking into it for a specific gun. Hadn't considered brass for everyday use, but I suppose the cases would last a lifetime? Regards, Rob.
  12. Cheers, enfieldspares. The more I can find to read about these, the better. I like the history of the things. I'm determined to fire it, but really don't want to have the chamber reamed for conventional ammo. I fancy trying fireforming 303 brass, but like you say, back to the primers issue......, Cheers, Rob.
  13. Now you mention it, the .45 black powder wad did get a mention from clay and game. That makes sense. Should keep enough pressure to allow full burn, and the overshot card just keeps it from falling apart in your pocket. As for the primers, the large rifle what I have so far been advised. But not the magnum primers. Admittedly early days for me. I'm no expert and would seek advice before doing anything I was unsure of. Regards, Rob.
  14. Evening, mate. I will soon find out. I have been told different things about this. I am prepared for the worst, though. Seems a funny state of affairs. I genuinely want to reload for shotgun use. We shall see. Regards, Rob.
  15. Evening, windswept. I have spoken to clay and game, and they recommend the wads /cards that you have mentioned. As for powder, I'm more than open to suggestions. I already have some Alliant 410, so will start there, but am interested in your findings. What do you use for primers? Am starting to fear the worse for trying to purchase large rifle primers. I only possess a SGC. Regards, Rob.
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