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  1. Actually the problem with some A frames is that they don't operate the brakes, meaning you have a trailer over 750kg with no brakes. Which is ofcourse illegal My understanding is that if you have an A frame and the brakes on the car are operated then it's perfectly legal as a 4 wheel trailer. If you have an A frame that does not operate the brakes on the car then you essentially have an unbraked trailer behind that's over the 750kg allowed over here.
  2. Perfectly legal, however all I will say is if neither driver has been on tow using a rope then take it steady. My mrs is great towing and being towed on a strop, but I towed a relative on a line once and they kept jabbing the brakes and panicking Preference for me would be a good solid bar, not one of the cheap Halfords ones. Also as a tip just in case you really have never towed before, be on the phone to each other you can shout up when you are going to be braking, if you need to move out etc etc..... of course i'll say for those who can't use common sense, it's got to be hands free by law
  3. Pallet I'd say, just make sure it's attached secure to the pallet. Sometimes line palletline or UPN probably
  4. But also don't forget that the defender roughly holds its price l, where as the 3000 car just keeps on dropping. The only positive with a defender, although don't be fooled by how much some of them are advertised for to think yours could be worth the same.
  5. I have owned a 1984 90 for 7 years and I am a lover of landrovers. My wife had a 1998 discovery as well. So Landrover is a passion of mine really. However here is my best advise. I also own a 2012 Mitsubishi l200, which is generally a spare car and we use it when going some distance, pulling the caravan etc. Before this I had a 2010 Landrover 90, this looked lovely and my plan was to keep it. You will read a lot of bad about them leaking etc but obviously I'm pretty used to this so no bother. Owned this 90 for 8 months and it was great at first but the engine was ****. Used oil like mad which I did hear was a problem with those engines, had diffs start leaking, gearbox chattering like mad. It was not a car I enjoyed owning. Add to this the worry of it being stolen or stripped all the time. I took it back to Landrover a few times(bought from market rasen Landrover and it was only 4 years old with 32000 when I sold it 27000 when I bought it) We wouldn't both own landrovers if we didn't have a spare car because they will break down and leave you somewhere in the ****. My best advise to you would be to buy one as a second car, tdi or maybe even a td5. I wouldn't bother with a puma engined one personally. Don't rush and watch out for the over priced ones because they have big tyres or a pretty paint job. Get ready to be fixing problems and often in the winter when it's cold and wet. After all this though I wouldn't get rid of my older Landrover and it was my wedding car. I couldn't be without a Landrover and I do drive it every day to work and back all year round. For a car for doing distance and going off-road, towing and being able to load up the foreign pick ups can't be beat I'd say. They just don't have the Landrover look or style!
  6. Does anyone else find it quite annoying just how many companies names they have to get in? About 50seconds at the start followed by bits flashing up to tell you what each bit of gear is that he has on or is using? This is the main reason I stopped watching it, along with I can't stand watching the man.
  7. I don't think it's plenty that have insurance let's be honest here. It will be a small fraction in reality I'd say. I don't have a problem with these scooters as long as they are ridden sensibly. It gets more people out of driving cars when they really don't need to be freeing up roads.
  8. Not wrong, just like cyclists. Or am I missing the point here??
  9. Exactly. Sorry to mention it, but With Brexit the EU are worrying what could be sneaking from NI into Ireland and the EU??
  10. From going into various ports, I can say that a large amount have bad security with these trailers. Also, as seems to be getting missed. 39 people were in this lorry and it exited a port and onto an industrial estate with the only time it was known was when the driver called emergency services. If this had been drugs, guns, weapons then chances are no one would know. Also, what should be getting asked is why isn't there better border check for coming into the EU? These migrants are travelling through enough countries before they had got to the UK so should have been found before hand.
  11. Trailer had a load on it. He went in the back doors for paperwork, which is generally where paperwork is put when a trailer is sent over. Stuffed in the shrink wrap of the last pallet. To someone who doesn't know it may seem strange but to keep goods moving trailers are often shipped unaccompanied. I'd say he would have dropped a trailer in the docks to be sent out to the man on the other side, and he collected this one which may have been taking him back towards Ireland. Generally cheaper to send freight in this way and happens at ports all over.
  12. The problem is that you can increase security all you want but it won't stop them trying to come. I saw on the news the other day they have even taken to stealing boats. So what happens when they are found out at sea and need rescueing? Personally my opinion is to send them back to the countries we know they have come through, I.E. if we know they have come in a lorry from A French port then they are sent back to France. Make it their responsibility to deal with them and make it a deterrent to stop them entering their country. Harder borders along the lines would have of course stopped this, instead a lorry can bring migrants from where ever and they won't meet a border force until the last minute, the UK Instead we have France allowing large camps of them to stay near to the docks and when they get caught they take them back out the docks to near where they would have been before. But of course the French don't want them so really they want them to come to the UK
  13. Actually that was what the tractor unit had done, not the trailer which was collected from Purfleet docks. So chances are he had brought a load from say France to Ireland and reloaded Ireland for the UK. The trailer had come from Zebrugge un accompanied so would have been dropped in the port over there by someone. From doing this type of work i have known where drivers have gone to collect trailers from Purfleet docks to find holes in curtains where immigrants have cut their way out. Pee and **** left behind in the trailer and loads ruined. Absolutely disgusting. I have heard that he called the ambulance himself after discovering the bodies, it's hard for the emergency services to deal with but imagine being the driver and finding that when you have parked up for the night. Being arrested for murder, having his photo and name on the media and his cab(effectively his home while he's away) gone through and taken away. Also remember he had only hooked up to the trailer around 30mins prior I have heard that he has been released with no charge from a friend of mine who knows of him, but nothing official to confirm.
  14. I've been feeding mine CSJ for years now. Adult champi and it's great food at a good price, generally sold by other like minded people and not an actual shop though.
  15. My older collie(9 years) was diagnosed with vestibular syndrome maybe a month back now. Went out fine in the morning then by the evening couldn't stand properly to walk. Head tilted and vomiting. Long story short after a visit to the vet and given an injection and some pills told to go back in two weeks. in the two week we think she had another episode as went to get her out her crate and she was trying to walk on the walls, head 90deg out. Slowly slowly she's come back round and although she's still not perfect on her feet she can go out for a run about and keep up on walks. Got given some pills which we were told 'like to think they do something' and we have slowly took her off them to no effects. We were also told not to get her heart rate up too much, but also not to stop her living life. Hopefully yours can improve the same.
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