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  1. Another vote for Texas BBQ from me! Either those or chilli heatwave doritos usually go down a treat with a few dips and hot salsa!
  2. Excellent choice of wine! Couldn't think of anything better to wash that feast of stuff down with!
  3. Between my dad and myself we have been using McCloys for years. Never got that impression from them at all. Always been more than pleasant and helpful to us. Can't say we have ever experienced that sort of thing from them. Wouldn't have a bad word to say about to say about any of the team there. What was the problem you had with them Cannon?
  4. Just had my first mince pie of the season last night! Heated up with a bit of custard and brandy cream! Was delicious!
  5. When I applied for my first FAC here in Northern Ireland I had been waiting 3 to 4 months for it. I was fobbed off so many times by the firearms branch of our police force saying that my certificate was still waiting on a decision with the senior licencing manager. A quick email to BACS firearms team and I had someone call me within an hour or 2. Whatever they done I had my certificate sent out to me within a few days. Can't complain at all about the service I received from them.
  6. That sound good to me! Maybe give it a go.
  7. Anyone got any good duck recipes or marinades? Have a few breasts off some wigeon I shot at the weekend. I was told wigeon is a tad stronger than the normal teal and mallard. Any ideas and info welcome.
  8. Has anyone got any extended chokes in Beretta MOBIL fit for sale? Teague or Victory chokes? Preferably in skeet and cylinder.
  9. Thanks lads! Looking forward to getting stuck into it over Christmas!
  10. That's good Walker it's the first batch I've made so wasnt just sure if that was right or not. It smells ok to! Will get it opened and filtered into another bottle at christmas when the family is round! Hopefully not poison them 😂😂
  11. Has anyone had a go at making raspberry vodka or gin? Made up a bottle of each a few weeks ago and have noticed now there is a sort of cloudy sediment floating in both the bottles. Have I done something wrong and they have both gone bad?
  12. Yes a gun slip is very handy for carrying a gun around on a shoot day but my father always told me it was better to transport a gun broken down in a case rather than having it knocking about the back of a vehicle fully assembled in a slip. Just his opinion which I have obviously followed but each to their own mate.
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