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  1. Has anyone got any extended chokes in Beretta MOBIL fit for sale? Teague or Victory chokes? Preferably in skeet and cylinder.
  2. Thanks lads! Looking forward to getting stuck into it over Christmas!
  3. That's good Walker it's the first batch I've made so wasnt just sure if that was right or not. It smells ok to! Will get it opened and filtered into another bottle at christmas when the family is round! Hopefully not poison them 😂😂
  4. Has anyone had a go at making raspberry vodka or gin? Made up a bottle of each a few weeks ago and have noticed now there is a sort of cloudy sediment floating in both the bottles. Have I done something wrong and they have both gone bad?
  5. Yes a gun slip is very handy for carrying a gun around on a shoot day but my father always told me it was better to transport a gun broken down in a case rather than having it knocking about the back of a vehicle fully assembled in a slip. Just his opinion which I have obviously followed but each to their own mate.
  6. As far as I know they come in a cardboard box now. Would have been nice to get a case with it but you cant have everything for 600 pounds. I'm sure we have a few old cases laying around that would fit.
  7. Thanks for the replies lads! If my certificate would hurry up and come through I'd be able to get it out for a few shots. Firearms Branch in Northern Ireland are very inconsistent and slow at processing first time firearms certificate applications.
  8. Hi everyone Have just purchased an ATA Arms Sp Black 12 bore with an adjustable comb as my first owned gun. I have been shooting now for a number of years with my father using a Beretta 692 belonging to him. Still waiting on my licence coming through so hopefully will have it in a few weeks time. Has anyone got any shooting experience with this gun? At 600quid new I am not expecting it to be the best gun out there but it should hopefully do the job as my first gun.
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