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  1. I have used loads of different meathods over the years traps tracking powders baits and they all work to a degree ,when feeding bait if you can find the holes that is the best place to start put a small amount in each hole you can get to and keep feeding the holes as it is eaten making sure non targeted species can’t get access one other big point if the chicken food has maize in it this is the antidote to rat poison so you will just be feeding the rats use as many methods you can starting with the traps then move on to first generation baits then if they don’t work go to the current poisons there is also a single feed poison brodifacoumb but I doubt you will be able to get it without a ticket hope this helps
  2. Hi I didn’t weigh it but it would have been about 2 lb and was caught in a private lake
  3. Yes had a great time one on a bloodworm and one on a gold bead Montana
  4. I decided to go trout fishing today for a couple of hours caught 2 and made friends with this little chap who had decided my hand was a good place to rest on it was totally unfazed by me taking photos of him made my day
  5. Hi to all on here just a quick introduction from myself I have been shooting for about 30 years doing vermin control pigeon game deer and fox shooting I also reload shotgun and centerfire cartridges and I also do a bit of fly fishing looking forward to been on the forum cheers hammertime
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