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  1. I found a high explosive mortar round left by a metal detectoring club who left it 20 metres from a children’s nursery, bomb squad did a controlled detonation on the farm, metal detector club banned for life
  2. Hammertime

    Alan Myers

    I to had met Alan at the game fair were he very kindly let me fire one of his double 4 bores a really nice bloke. RIP Alan
  3. Hi I would like to do this Mr Walker I don’t shoot the 410 much but it would be a lot of fun, on a personal note reading between the lines I think you were the very kind chap that donated a days shooting on a basc young shots day at Wedgenock shooting ground that my eldest son won we still have a picture of the two of you on the dresser at your shoot in Hereford and it would be great to see you
  4. I use a mosquito net that I got from ikea came with the hoops attached it was only about £15 had it 6 or so years now fantastic bit of kit also collects the ticks well
  5. Morning dad cheapest way to go is to shoot at a pattern plate to see were the gun is actually shooting then rectify bad habits with a good instructor or if gun doesn’t fit properly do as salting says get the gun fitted you won’t regret it ps it pays to shoot at a pattern plate quite regularly
  6. Hi can you not ring up a couple of local suppliers and ask for a price for 1000 l or 2000 l of lpg don’t mention you have no tank yet .we do this all the time for kerosene and diesel it will give you a good idea of price at the moment but it will change daily
  7. Cheers will try and have a butchers When the in laws go
  8. Had a disco 3 loverly comfortable car not bad on fuel but if you use it off-road prepare for some hefty bills if the electric hand brake gets mud in it it will strip the gearing £800 each time had two fitted and gave up using it off road also air suspension pump failed £££ but the reason i got shot if it was of the corrosion underneath Land Rover specialist told me to get rid of it any welding and the whole body has to taken of because of the wiring loom ps sold it for a shogun bit more agricultural but so far no problems
  9. Shot this one this last year not as nice as moongesse though
  10. I have used loads of different meathods over the years traps tracking powders baits and they all work to a degree ,when feeding bait if you can find the holes that is the best place to start put a small amount in each hole you can get to and keep feeding the holes as it is eaten making sure non targeted species can’t get access one other big point if the chicken food has maize in it this is the antidote to rat poison so you will just be feeding the rats use as many methods you can starting with the traps then move on to first generation baits then if they don’t work go to the current poisons there is also a single feed poison brodifacoumb but I doubt you will be able to get it without a ticket hope this helps
  11. Hi I didn’t weigh it but it would have been about 2 lb and was caught in a private lake
  12. Yes had a great time one on a bloodworm and one on a gold bead Montana
  13. I decided to go trout fishing today for a couple of hours caught 2 and made friends with this little chap who had decided my hand was a good place to rest on it was totally unfazed by me taking photos of him made my day
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