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  1. Hi could you just not hire a cherry picker if you have the room much safer
  2. Hi I have both types and I prefer the notched one less fiddly and quicker to level but there both good bipods
  3. Just use a piece of chopped dry log 18inches by 18inches preferably oak and change point of aim as it wears.It stops my 243 no problem. You can staple a target to it easy peasy.
  4. Hi misser when we sell wheat and barley to meet specs of grain merchants it has to be below 15.5% moisture, in my experience grain dose not store well after 17% unless you regularly blow air through it. If dry it will store perfectly in a sealed container I have had some barley in a container for nearly two years up at a inaccessible flight pond the other thing you will have to watch for is weevils and corn mites they will create heat as they breed causing to corn to heat tremendously and spoiling it.Keeping the corn as cold as possible out of the sunlight will help control bugs they can’t br
  5. Oh yes many hours of fun
  6. I would agree with cosmicblue l would be very vary if buying a house at the present time, l would advise him to rent for 6 to 12 months and then buy. when the furlough scheme has ended there will be a substantial increase in unemployment and subsequently repossessions of houses,then you will see how the property market responds.I could see house prices dropping by quite a lot.Your son is in a very good position I would just be patient for the time being
  7. This deer was found dead on the side of the road by my daughter so is missing parts of the nose still it looks great on her wall I always used a saw to cut skulls but now use a 4” grinder with a ultra thin metal disc super accurate cuts but wear a mask bone dust is god awful stuff
  8. This is how I like to mount deer heads there are other cuts you can use it’s down to personal preference hope this is of some use
  9. Hammertime

    Old HW77

    Ah I see now what you have done to my post about Dougys hw77 no argument here mine certainly was the best air gun I have owned and hopefully Dougys will be just as good.
  10. Hammertime

    Old HW77

    Thanks for correcting the poor English London best it’s a pain been dyslexic
  11. Hammertime

    Old HW77

    Fantastic gun one of the best springers ever made wish I had never sold mine super accurate yours looks great you have done a lovely job of it
  12. I found a high explosive mortar round left by a metal detectoring club who left it 20 metres from a children’s nursery, bomb squad did a controlled detonation on the farm, metal detector club banned for life
  13. I to had met Alan at the game fair were he very kindly let me fire one of his double 4 bores a really nice bloke. RIP Alan
  14. Hi I would like to do this Mr Walker I don’t shoot the 410 much but it would be a lot of fun, on a personal note reading between the lines I think you were the very kind chap that donated a days shooting on a basc young shots day at Wedgenock shooting ground that my eldest son won we still have a picture of the two of you on the dresser at your shoot in Hereford and it would be great to see you
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