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  1. I'm going for a Wolf or Lynx been sat in a pen waiting to be released into Kielder.....
  2. Lars


    Had a second hand Dyson 10 or so years ago didn't last long. Had 2 Henrys since then. Wife loves them, despite me walking into the kitchen one day to flames coming out of the 1st one whilst she was merrily vacuuming! For those bigging up Mr Dyson and his landownership it is worth pointing out that his vast purchasing power pushed up the price of land in the area. This then pushed up local tenant farmers rent quite significantly. I also know several people lost their shooting permissions due to his acquisitions.....
  3. Beaters required Friday 13th. Friendly bunch. £25 and a brace or 2. Please message for further information.
  4. 1st one on Friday, South Derbyshire. Didn't see many at all here last year so didnt shoot them. Will keep an eye on things as the season progresses as to whether we will harvest a few.
  5. Think it was really tough year for everybody rearing wise but no excuse for sending out below par birds. Have sent couple of posters on this thread messages.
  6. 2 Pegs available, 100 bird driven, mixed bag this Friday 1st November. South Derbyshire. Genuine bargain, pm for further information.
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