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  1. Swift Audubon, second hand on ebay. Can't fault them.
  2. If this is still available I would like to buy it.
  3. can i buy this please centrepin.
  4. Hello tweedledee. I will have them if they are still available.
  5. Can i buy these rizla.
  6. Does anyone have a signature invector plus skeet choke for sale. Thank you.
  7. Does anyone have a pair of Muller U1 invector plus chokes for sale.
  8. Gormless


    Have sent you my name and address private Lee.
  9. Gormless


    I will have this. Do you have PayPal.
  10. Does anyone know of a weighted end cap that is compatible with an Armsan a612 shotgun. I want to add a bit of weight to the front end. I have seen all sorts of makes, but none are Armsan. Thank you.
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