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  1. How big? , a 1940s deact bren will set you back £850 plus at least, you are talking serious money for anything bigger.
  2. Trooper1965

    303 wanted

    Assuming bullet gun, not . 410 conversion
  3. Anything from £5-£25 depending condition and age, protek supplies knock em out at £15, I, m assuming it's got the 3 blades, ie marlin fin,
  4. On the look out for ww1/2 army or navy Jack knives, reasonably priced, what have you got, looking to expand a collection with the various makers and styles. Thanks Trooper
  5. Just out of interest, what would the go for these days?, especially a mk2 sten,? noticed another wanted for an mp40 Cheers
  6. Hi bud I have the hurricane and typhoon boxed complete with sights , also tempest but would be interested in a boxed. 177 tempest? On the look out for early unusual air pistols. Cheers mate
  7. Looking for a warrior air pistol in good condition realistically priced, either. 177 or. 22. Would also consider vintage boxed webleys.
  8. What would you charge for postage?
  9. Fair comment bud 150 posted?
  10. Are you stuck on £150 bud or is there a little movement?
  11. Spot on will pm you through the week. Cheers Trooper
  12. I, m off Friday so will try and sort something out bud.
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