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  1. It's Modern army knife ie no marlin spike on 2 blades, probably around a tenner, I, m looking for ww2/1. Cheers Trooper
  2. Anyone got any old jack knives they want to part with, looking to boost my collection, at a reasonable price of course. Thanks in advance Trooper
  3. Got an old webley starting pistol, tin of blanks, but missing the magazine that the blanks fit in, does anybody have a spare to sell, Cheers Paul
  4. Be interested for the transgender cave, ha, ha, for £30? Cheers Trooper
  5. Keep looking on here all the time, they do come up now and again, I managed to drop on 2 not long ago after looking around a year!! There absolutely great fun to have and use and a great talking point at the clay ground. Cheers Trooper
  6. Would you do £40 posted pal?
  7. Do you have the instructions and how old is it mate?
  8. Trooper1965

    . 410

    My daughter normally uses a 20 bore, today she tried a. 410 (Lee Enfield) conversion and she loved it, a bit heavy but no recoil, so looking for a cheap u/o. 410 any offers? Also she needs a safe preferably a 5/6gun, as my safe is full, we are based in Doncaster so closer the better. Thanks Paul
  9. Very interested will pm you regarding, let me have first refusal please Atb Trooper
  10. Yes mate, with extended stock, bought it fired it half a dozen times in garden. Not sure what the sell for? Cheers Trooper
  11. Where about in Donny are you mate, I might be interested Cheers Trooper
  12. Cheer bud, hopefully my safe will be housing one by then🙏
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