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  1. Yes mate, with extended stock, bought it fired it half a dozen times in garden. Not sure what the sell for? Cheers Trooper
  2. Where about in Donny are you mate, I might be interested Cheers Trooper
  3. Cheer bud, hopefully my safe will be housing one by then🙏
  4. If you do Edd I, m your man, still looking 👍👍
  5. Looks good bud, just emailed the seller!!
  6. Yep it certainly is, but this listing is no longer available, just my luck🙁
  7. Thanks mate, had a look on the website but I can, t find any lee Enfields seems to be a night sight specialist supplier.
  8. Been trying to find one of the for over a year now, alway a heart heat behind the sale or just out bid at auctions, could any body help me or point me in the right direction? Any leads advice welcome. Cheers Trooper
  9. Hi and welcome From Doncaster myself, and park Lodge is my local, spot on such a variety of traps especially the 40m towers!!
  10. What's the mileage pal? A friend is looking for a 4x4 not sure on his budget though. Cheers Trooper
  11. Hi phil Would be interested in 3 boxes of the 8ml,let me know postage costs and we can sort payment out pal. Cheers Trooper
  12. Thanks for letting me know appreciated.
  13. Not sure does it depend on time and post's? Cheers Trooper
  14. Cheers bud It's only gonna let me post in other and not wanted!??
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