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  1. Thank you for the info @007 @cookoff013 . I will be keeping note of that info 007
  2. I have looked at it yes, and the price is to much for us to do regular
  3. Nice hope it goes well, I would love to hear what its like to use.
  4. Well im still on the reading and info gathering part at the moment trying to understand it all. so I don't plan on making any wild loads, will take a look at it more thanks.
  5. Hi all, me again. I am rather confused, I am looking on http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/shotgun and trying to work out whats what. step 1: 410 step 2: 3" [does it matter what 3" cart i use? I was just going to use some spent eley 410 extralong that i have.] step 3: lead [6,7,8 but not all at the same time] step 4: 11/16oz [19.5 grams] step 5: Hodgdon step 6: H110 Primer: Fed.209A or Win. 209 [can i use a different one eg: cheddite CX50?] Wad: Fed.410SC or WAA41 [if i cant get ether of them is there a way to know what else i can use?] Grs: 14.9 or 15 I full
  6. Thanks will check the links out. Ye I found Folkestone and it looks to be a good site, also henrykrank seems ok. Thanks for the info.
  7. Hi all, just wondering where those who reload 410 cartridges got there reloading press/tools from? I cant see any where to get them with out ether modifying or spending extra to get a conversion kit for a press for a different calibre. Only thing I can find that comes as a 410 kit is the survival loader from America for £70 on ebay 😞 Powder, primers, wadding and shot I can get some what local.
  8. Nice tip thank you. This is why I like good forums, people are always willing to give pointers and help those with less knowledge
  9. Nice, thank you for that photo aga I will have to have a drive around and see what I can find, if not I will just have to drop some letters into farms around here and hope for the best.
  10. Thanks for the info, was hoping to be able to spot some damage to see what it looks like so I could try to target farms better. Guess I will have to come up with a different plan.
  11. Thanks, is there something I should be looking out for? The link just takes me to the default bbc page sorry.
  12. ohh ok sorry about that, I understand and ye that's totally fair on your part.
  13. Thanks, are the other 2 not showing up? should be lower down the page. I will repost them if not.
  14. Hi all, I have never really targeted birds/rabbits that cause crop damage before but I am looking into it a bit more, I have done most of my shooting on hill farms, woods and rough ground. Never had much to do with crops and when I have done I cant say that I ever took note of what the damage actually looked like as I was with someone else who knew what they were doing in that respect. I was just wondering what crop damage looks like from an aerial view? as I was taking a look at farms near me. [ I know that photos like this are out of date by a few years, but I was just wonde
  15. Hi nabbers, Thank you for replying. sadly the gun I was looking at with the broken stock has sold :[ I didn't jump on it fast enough.
  16. A keeper I used to beat for would mix a few different ones in each year, who ever shot one would put an extra £50 towards the beaters meal at the end of the season.
  17. Hi all, Since moving a few years ago I have not had any land local to me to shoot, and 3 1/2 hours drive to where I do have permission is a bit far. Also I don't have enough money to keep paying for time at the local clay range. I am trying to find some land in south Dorset or any where up to about 1 hour from Weymouth. I am looking for some quiet[not busy] out of the way land to shoot a .410 and also air rifles/pistol at static only targets: paper, metal, and maybe the odd static clay, range 30 to 100 yards. [bonus if there is any rough shooting available [I only shoot what I intend
  18. I couldn't butcher one gun to fix another , just wouldn't feel right haha I have thought about that but even then it would still require work to fit correctly.
  19. Yes a wooden skeleton stock looks right after googling it, thank you for that. I am only looking at having a custom stock as the gun I am looking at is exactly what I am after and at a very good price the only problem with it is the very damaged stock on it at the moment.
  20. Ye I would expect it to cost more than the 410, was just wondering how much more. It is something I am able to make my self though if need be. Thank you for the help.
  21. Thank you for the fast reply on the info. I know it sounds a little odd, not thumb hole as such but more open stock [cut out centre] not really sure how to explain it, as I don't know if the style has a name sorry. Its to try and reduce the weight as much as possible, [its a 410 so not exactly heavy to start with, and I am not to worried about the balance] Would you happen to know if there are any good suppliers of stock blanks in the uk? eg: a stock that is finished externally but needs cutting/recessing to fit the gun.
  22. Hi all, I was just wondering if someone could help me out with some info in regards to the law and shotgun stocks. I have the chance to buy a .410 3 shot bolt action but the stock is totally wrecked to the point that its not usable, the rest of the gun is in pretty good shape. My question is do I need to replace the stock with an identical one or can I have a custom made one fitted? [thumb hole style] Any info is welcome as it would be a feature/project.
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