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  1. Hi Andy received leads great thank you. Martin.
  2. Hi Andy would like 2 yellow when in stock Thanks Martin.
  3. Hi have one made by Webley & Scott want £45 inc p&p Cheers
  4. Hi Mellors could you please tell me what powder your using and what grains /wad in your steel loads. Thanks.
  5. My 10 year old daughter comes shooting with me all the time she s mad for it she s driving me mad to take her beating,already got her on the 28 gauge she controls the dog on retrieves and dispatches the birds herself. Very proud of her she s just joined my local pigeon control club as a junior member. Again very proud
  6. Have seen KC registed pups for as little as £700 but they average £1000 to £1500 . I contacted someone a couple of months ago about a bitch pup and the price was £3000. The pups mother was sired by a field trial champion and the sire was a field trial champion,I questioned the price and was told normal price for these dogs and would sell easily.Hopefully putting my bitch in March so will see what price i get as my bitch is sired by a international FTCH and am putting her to a FTCH. We wait and see.
  7. I load my own shells and the shot looks like my sweepings up. Disgusting for what they are charging for them.Hope you get a satisfactory result from Gamebore.Would be very tempted to open a few if i owned some.
  8. Hi could anyone tell me how long do i have to wait before i can sell on pigeon watch. I have been a member since 2019. Thanks.
  9. Hi Burney i have a Webley & Scott 12 to 410 adapter for sale £65.00 inc p&p. If interested 07971264033. Cheers Martin.
  10. Sprocker all the way strengh of a springer brains of a cocker
  11. That s want i m talking about . done the same with pinkffoot lovely.
  12. y Yes im in the Dovey Wildfolwlers as he is. I shoot the broardwater occasionly on the Disinni good for Bass were it runs into the sea at Towyn . Back to Borth its good fishing in front of the sea defences they have built but i fish it from my kayak acsessable only on the very lowest tides.
  13. Matt Rickards takes people out for the Bass from Aberdovey Spend a hour or so catching shrimps from the rock pools then go further round the rocks you will see a massive rock called the camel either side of this is great bass ground. Use a single hook and pike float with a live shrimp its deadly have had one every cast on occasions. Also great lure fishing.
  14. Have you tried for the Bass of Borth rocks had some lovely fish from there with lures and shrimp. Which side of the estuary did you fish. ?
  15. I know all the pools very well my favourite was the big pill on the Wnion some days you could nt see the river bed for fish. Had a 8lb salmon on 2lb line and no 12 hook while fishing for small sewin with a single brandling in the bridge pool it was red hot and very low. I had a good friend who live in the local village ( LLanelltyd ) every summer my dad dropped me of at his house with rods and gun and i fished and shot every day for 6 weeks. Heaven. A mate has a cabin over looking the river he can seethe fish jumping with his bino s. Very nice. I have a place at Borth enjoyed some great Bass fishing last year cant wait to get back when restrictions are lifted. The Welsh rivers as all rivers are not a patch on years ago but good days can be had on the right conditions. Years ago when travelling to Wales we would stop at of at Atcham and fish the Bridge poolandthe back ofthe Island had many a salmon on the way and on return. Great days. 9
  16. have been a member for 30 odd years great fishing on the Mawddach and Dyssini. Love night fishing for sea trout and spinning /worming on a spate.Good water on the Dovey upper river with water on.
  17. Its £250 with excelent hawke scope.
  18. Hi have been offered a Walther LGU Varmint with thumbhole stock. Would use it for bunnies squirrels etc Any one use one ANY GOOD ? Thanks.
  19. Hi everyone shooting and fishing mad new member from Dudley. Great to join you all.
  20. is shotmaker still for sale ?
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