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  1. so I emailed both Cens and Vario for information and some qustions. Had a phone call today (Saturday) couple hours after sending email from Jason Gibson himself, saying he had seen my email and thought calling me would be better then trying to type a lengthy reply and had a good 15-20min chat about all my concern and what I am looking for and so on. He answered every single question I had, and Vario offer a 90day full refund if your not happy for any reason. So I am going to go for the clay shooting version most likely so the Vario Clay version. Will do post on my thoughts
  2. Thanks for the reply’s so far. so when I am clay shooting I like to be able to hear like normal as if I am not wearing any hearing protection, currently use my 3M Peltor SportTac volume turned up. They just get in my way and annoy me wearing for prolonged periods of time. I was going to go for the Cens but as everyone says if you have issues there customer service is rubbish. Also fact heard the new Vario units have a much better audio sound quality and I am very much trying to match audio to feel like I am not wearing anything. anyone uses the varios ?
  3. Hi, would anyone be able to give me some input Into these ear plugs, honest opinions on both brands please. having a hard time trying to decide which to pick and spend my money on, large investment and trying to make the right choice. I am just looking for best on the market. clay shooter mainly, want the extra setting just in case I need them at some point. any input on both brands would be fantastic help. thanks in advance
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