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    1. Half the resident population will be nesting.
    2. The re introduction into the U.K of capital punishment is not going to occurr.Look at the U.S.A. where they do have it,sometimes apply it but some souls have been on death row for twenty years resulting in mentally tortured inmates,rich lawyers,vast expense on the public purse and a generally derided system which does not seem to deter anyone..We do not need more laws or a paper increase in sentences,just the firm application of existing sentences,life should mean life.
    3. Five shootings in London over the weekend,not likely any of the weapons involved are licensed.Getting worse by the day.
    4. Doctors Cert required , Lincs provide request letter to him/her just requiring my signature.It then goes direct from him/her to Firearms Department.They also provide a form requiring details of Land/permission in case of Firearms renewal.
    5. Mine due end December this year.Today received relevant papers from Lincs Firearms; submission required all on line, plenty of time ,that's good.
    6. Interested to know what previous these three have,will impact on sentencing.
    7. Cabourne followed by Cabourne Return,then " J.N.'s". Then lunch.
    8. Or the thickness of your fingers !
    9. A BAME senior met officer was interviewd on t.v. this a.m. He said that, after all,she was British !
    10. If no details found on wing then give the ring number to The Royal Racing Pigeon Association, ,contact via google, who can tell you the owner.
    11. My local,they hold the record,has a full diary.There will always be a strong demand for quality,there is no shortage of money about and with miniscule interest rates from the banks why not spend it ? Crack on !
    12. Picking that lot from standing wheat would require a great deal of carefull movement.
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