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    1. bwana

      Red Arrows

      Red Arrows to stay in Lincolnshire,move from Scampton to Waddington,might be a bit more crowded there but good news for us yellowbellies !
    2. Last year first swallow recorded here at highest point in Lincolnshire was on 1st April.This year,today.
    3. Roumania,Bulgaria,Albania - same,same.
    4. Just informed that wef April 2nd all Police Stations except those at Lincoln South and Boston will close their front desks.
    5. This was a family favourite from pre war days,sent overseas to me for fourty years,I once had an article published,they paid me GBP50.oo,then equivalent to my monthlý salary. I was quite chuffed. It is clearly getting thinner,like me and about as interesting.
    6. JDog Hence Bully Hill,near you.
    7. Self isolate ? Better Self Immolate !
    8. Does anyone know anything about the first husband ?
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