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  1. And it still didn't sell !
  2. Also Appeal Court judges do not like criticizing their lesser fellows who are often from the same background and social habits.
  3. bwana

    55 year sentence

    He will not do anything like this sentence, the world,and our judicial system,will be a greatly changed one by then.I give him 20 at longest,the UK does not go in for long terms nowadays,any excuse to re -integrate into society.And by what law did he refuse to appear for sentence, he was in custody and had been convicted.If he had refused to enter his cell in the nick he would have been manhandled into it in double quick time ,same should have applied here and if he kicked off the that's contempt and he could be dealt with there and then and kicked downstairs.
  4. No proof but say 90 % of those who are caught claim asylum,and 90% of these are landed after a stay in taxpayer funded accomodation with allowances,these,another 90 % being say 20 - 30 year old male singles are then off to join their ethnic mates in our urban areas,producing ghettoes where we fear to tread.Refugees ? No,economic migrants,at a time when our own livelihoods are under great strain.Priti -Man Up !
  5. Everyone is sounding off over the death of one I.I. attempting to cross the channel.How many of our children die on the roads every day ? Not a word, shows us where our priorities lie
  6. bwana


    North Eastern part of the South Yorkshire Metropolitan area: relax,not Rotherham.
  7. bwana


    Also the Mill Lane crowd in Brigg or those from further afield in S.Yorks,all no go areas for plod.
  8. Rockall springs to mind.
  9. We will pay,and nothing will change.
  10. Half the resident population will be nesting.
  11. The re introduction into the U.K of capital punishment is not going to occurr.Look at the U.S.A. where they do have it,sometimes apply it but some souls have been on death row for twenty years resulting in mentally tortured inmates,rich lawyers,vast expense on the public purse and a generally derided system which does not seem to deter anyone..We do not need more laws or a paper increase in sentences,just the firm application of existing sentences,life should mean life.
  12. Five shootings in London over the weekend,not likely any of the weapons involved are licensed.Getting worse by the day.
  13. Doctors Cert required , Lincs provide request letter to him/her just requiring my signature.It then goes direct from him/her to Firearms Department.They also provide a form requiring details of Land/permission in case of Firearms renewal.
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