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  1. Afternoon all, Following on from previous request for advice re; buying a 12 bore, the unanimous response was to spend the cash on lessons. Can anyone suggest somewhere I could get one to one tuition in South Wales , ideally in the Cardiff area? Thank you
  2. It’s mostly good natured banter. I give as good as I get. To be fair to them, they invited me in as a thank you after I did a favour for one of the beaters. There was a waiting list, which I appear to have avoided. They’re all experienced guns and don’t miss many.
  3. Thank you all for your advice. It’s as I thought, doesn’t matter what you shoot with; still needs to be pointed in the right direction. I’ll definitely be getting some lessons......then I’ll be back on here asking what’s the best looking 20 bore!
  4. Hi, My first post so apologies for any mistakes in forum etiquette. I would appreciate some advice please on choice of a 12 bore. I’m an inexperienced member of a syndicate on a walked up ( I think that’s the correct terminology?) pheasant shoot. I currently use a 20 bore Silver Pigeon with varying degrees of success. I’m constantly being told to get a 12 bore by the other members. Assuming I follow their advice, what should I consider? I intend to spend up to £3k. I have no bias towards any make or design features as I don’t yet know enough to know what difference these make. I’m embarrassed to admit that what the gun looks like is currently most important. With this in mind, I like the look of the Silver Pigeon V, Rizzini round body models and the Chapuis C35. I’ve asked the other syndicate members and have received as many suggestions as there are members. I would be grateful for any advice from the forum, I realise this is a question you must get asked all the time and if so, perhaps you could point me towards the appropriate thread. Thank you
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