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  1. Many thanks for the reply, it’ll be a lot of blacks over sheep/lambs on grass fields and silage/maize clamps and bales, essentially I drive the fields daily checking stock so that covers human presence and everything else is impractical with sheep in the fields. we are talking about 100m from the road but it looks right down over the field
  2. I agree entirely, it is simply a box ticking exercise in the event that a members of the public does report anything as I’ll be near a fairly active road with a lot of walkers.
  3. Hi all, does anyone have a template that they use to keep records in line with the General licenses? For example the damage being done, non lethal preventative measures used etc? many thanks
  4. I did indeed go on to purchase an AA decoys flapper and also a rotary from the same place. Andy had excellent customer service promptly answer all my questions quickly. So far i have found the aa decoy flapper and rotary both to be very well made with no problems to speak off. I did buy a speed controller for both the flapper and rotary and run them off the 12ah and 7ah batterys i also bought from aa decoys so i would thoroughly recommend. I also was waiting for stocks of ff6 to come available but it sounded like the wait for a few months so i went for the aa decoys stuff instead to good effec
  5. Thankyou, it has a timer I was just looking to slow it down for crows, just checking that any 12v controller in line will have the same outcome?
  6. Will any 12v speed controller work on a flapper or are they just for rotarys?
  7. Can the 12v 12ah batteries for flappers be charged with a standard 12/24v battery chargers that are used to charge car batteries? many thanks
  8. Looking at buying an a decoys turbocharged flapper, £45, it comes with a timer unit, are they worth it and is it possible/worth it to get a speed controller to slow it down for crows? many thanks
  9. How did you find this? Just saw they’re on sale for £79.99
  10. What was the replacement like?
  11. Has anyone used percussion clothing, namely the jackets, if so how would you rate them for waterproof ness/wind proof and general lifespan? using them for decoying and clay days thanks
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