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  1. How did you find this? Just saw they’re on sale for £79.99
  2. What was the replacement like?
  3. Has anyone used percussion clothing, namely the jackets, if so how would you rate them for waterproof ness/wind proof and general lifespan? using them for decoying and clay days thanks
  4. Interested, what are the thickness of inserts?
  5. Just had a look, they are extended, would the still fit in place of invector flush chokes?
  6. I’m after a invector choke for my miroku in modified choke please
  7. I’m looking for standard invector choke tubes that will fit my miroku mk70, I’ve found online that shop is selling briley flush tubes that it says fits all miroku’s, Will Briley chokes fit my miroku with standard invector tubes? or if anyone is selling an invector modified choke pm me
  8. Is it still under warranty? I’d be interested to know the outcome in case it should ever happen to mine
  9. Have you tried removing the batteries and then holding the power button for 5 seconds then reinsert the battery’s?
  10. What update was this? How did you try to update it, through stream vision?
  11. I had my mk70 fitted with a recoil pad (30mm) to extend my l.o.p, rfd charged £75 and 2 days for this, had to check my shotgun to see if they kept the curve but turns out they’ve cut it straight
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