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  1. The guy who’s selling it won’t rfd it or not prepared to meet anywhere etc if you want it you have to drive to Scotland and collect it
  2. Beautiful gun ! It says on the ad left hand cast ! What do that mean ?
  3. Not for me sorry but thanks anyway
  4. How do I find it ? I’m new to the forum sorry
  5. Hmmm so not a nice little light / low recoil gun like I thought ?? I want one for the odd walked up day and for my old man to use when he comes clay shooting occasionally, the 12 is a bit too much for the old boy now 🙁
  6. The 20 is heavier than the 12 ? How do that work ? Surely the barrels alone would make the 20 lighter ?
  7. Thanks for the reply ! Sounds like you had a good buy for £200, I wish I could find one for that price. Are they fixed or multichoke ? What’s the Barrel length ? Cheers
  8. Hi, I'm new to this forum and just looking for a bit of advice. Ive been fancying a cheap little 20 bore o/u and came across the E.rizzini sideplate. It looks like a lot of gun for the money (£200-£300) Do anyone on here have one or had one ? Would be good to have a bit of feedback before I go shopping. Many thanks Neil
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