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  1. Get 2 different size clays, then put the smaller one inside the big one, should in theory separate as they come out of the trap
  2. What crops are drilled at what time of year? New to all this so just trying get some knowledge lol
  3. Have you looked at pellpax? Sure they deliver
  4. Joebrock


    Thanks for all the advice lads. Seems I will have to try all the different methods. In regards to the layout of the farm it's just a small milking milking parlour and a few cow sheds. Nothing major but a step in the door for the rest of the farmers pests
  5. Joebrock


    Morning all, Just managed to secure some rat control on a local farm but being very new to this was wondering if any of the more experienced had any tips on bait and techniques? Cheers Joe
  6. Any idea what the one At long lane is called mate
  7. Best option would be to go to your local motor factors, not Halfords, and ask them what they recommend and supply, usually. Personally on a Japanese vehicle I would go for blueprint stuff
  8. The Sunday opening is an issue for me too
  9. I'm in Stone so all are within a reasonable distance so will have a look at them, thank you. Have used Doveridge a few times, I personally prefer Oakedge, but I am always looking for somewhere new to try
  10. Makes it sound like an easy day out that does mate
  11. I'm going there this weekend Westley. Bricking it as I've never done any beating before
  12. Anyone in Staffordshire recommend any other clay grounds other that Oakedge or Doveridge? Thanks in advance Joe
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