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  1. chrisv

    22lr and Horses

    I've been asked to do the same as you around horses. Using a moderated 223 in the field with horses, they couldn't care less. They were even coming up and sniffing my boots. The next time they were in the stable and they went nuts. We were asked not to go again! They are such unpredictable beasts that you have to take each situation individually. I would think that a 22lr would be OK, but I'd prefer it if the horses could see where the noise was coming from.
  2. chrisv

    RIP Albert Finney.

    Murder on the Orient Express and Erin Brockovich were great performances. I'd forgotten about "A Good Year" as well
  3. chrisv

    Altberg Defender 8M

  4. chrisv

    Altberg Defender 8M

    Wheelie, PM sent
  5. chrisv

    Altberg Defender 8M

    For Sale Altberg Defender boots, size 8M. With box, leaflet, spacers and spare laces. I normally take size 8-9 in boots, however I found these a bit tight hence they have had light use only. See pictures. Boots have only been waterproofed with the recommended Leder Gris. Slight damage to laces of one boot, although spares are included. £45 posted.
  6. chrisv

    Fizzy drinks shortage

    +1 There are gaps on the shelves of my wholesaler. What they do have is limited to a certain number of cases per customer.
  7. chrisv

    Mercedes Vito - help!

    Yes, I would think the same.
  8. chrisv

    Mercedes Vito - help!

    Gordon, I think you've answered your own question, a spring can't do anything if the coils are already touching. I'd agree with Walshie as well. Doesn't look right at all. He hasn't put front springs on the rear has he?
  9. chrisv

    BREXIT - merged threads

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/10565686/The-farce-of-the-EU-travelling-circus.html Scully. As far as I know, it is still going on, for the reasons stated in the article above.
  10. chrisv

    disco 3 wiper blades

    My garage suggested Valeo blades. They seem quiet and effective.
  11. chrisv

    Car suffocating in heat

    Munger, It seems to be a really common problem. They mention a solution at around 8 minutes in the clip below. l'm sure extra fans would also help with temperature control, but sticking my head under the bonnet of a 3.0 Capri with an extra fan earlier this week, the heat seemed to be concentrated into the engine bay.
  12. chrisv


    Sorry, I meant that they make rust prevention products
  13. chrisv


    A similar product is Dinitrol, might be worth doing a search to find reviews of both. Edit, as above, johnnytheboy beat me to it!
  14. chrisv

    Grammar and Spelling on Social Media

    Shouldn't that be the adverb, "seriously" ?
  15. chrisv

    Need help zeroing

    Burris signature zee mounts may be your best option. They have various inserts to move the scope within the mounts.