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  1. Hi redogi I managed to email the OP member but unfortunately the club is no longer. Shame as there doesn’t seem to be anything covering the worcestershire area.
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    You could always buy or use an Alexa device with a camera and then you can log into it on your phone and see what’s going on. Admittedly there not the best cameras but they have other uses aswell.
  3. Yeah I’ve seen he hasn’t been active for a good few years. I’ve sent him an email but not holding much hope for a reply but worth a try.
  4. Hi guys. Might be a long shot but anyone know if this club still exists? Or know of anything else close by. cheers.
  5. Yeah that’s a good idea I will try that when the wet wether passes cause knowing my luck it’ll flood that night to never see the ball again 😂
  6. Yeah I definitely need to be firmer with her the problem I know I’d have with running at her like that is that I will never catch her and then she knows she’s in trouble so getting her close enough to put her back on the lead when needed becomes difficult even though me being angry with her has passed.
  7. She gets walks two 50 mins walks a day longer at weekends when not busy. What I meant was not taking her in the field shooting!!!!
  8. Yeah I was thinking there must be plenty opportunity fairly close by. The only problem I’m finding is actually finding the individual farms. I’m not originally from round here so google maps will becoming my best friend I feel.
  9. I haven’t not yet. I was thinking of holding off until I see some fields being attack before hand and try and use that as an advantage.
  10. Yeah fair point I’m ideally looking as close to Wr2 as possible but willing to travel with 30-45 mins if necessary.
  11. Hi guys and girls bit of a long shot I know but thought I’d ask anyway. After now having more free evening and weekends I’m looking for permission to shoot pigeons in the Worcestershire area. this is my first port of call so not expecting much but I have nothing to loose. I have insurance and always a safety aware shot. fingers crossed.
  12. Thanks for your responses. I agree completely with what your all saying so will be trying to be abit stricter with her and get her walking to heel more off the lead and try alternate routes and go from there. yeah I’m really keen/excited to get her out this year and see how we get on. thanks
  13. Yeah to be fair I am very relaxed with her for the most part but saying that she does come when called until she decides not too later on. Most of the walks are dark atm where she doesn’t seem as bad it only on the weekend lighter walks where she plays up most. I’ll try to mix the walks up abit to keep it fresh and interesting for her and will also try a long cord for the later stages of the walk. I haven’t taken her out in the field yet as I haven’t had the opportunity or time the past year but will be hoping to over the next year especially as I’m keen to try and find a permission to get on the pigeons. but abit more work is needed over spring and summer before that.
  14. thanks for your replies guys. Nah we don’t drive and we don’t feed her until after he walk. we do the same circular walk every evening so maybe she just isn’t ready to come home yet.
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