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  1. I find these are the quietest in my Adler with Stealth moderator (York Guns). Magnasonic 5's. 9E96D3DC-CEDB-4E90-892F-BCBF76B33854.heic
  2. These are 24g 7 1/2 from Cheddite (actually a 7 in English shot size). Cork wad. Quiet and a nice big load. 4715C412-F1FE-489C-956A-7725140BD87B.heic 0C2C2AB3-8532-4B13-AD38-74A97E9BB476.heic
  3. I can recommend the Adler MT-206 hushpower of you want something lightweight.
  4. It's a hatsan escort 12 bore with a saddlery and gun room moderator screwed into my choke. Yes you definitely need subsonic to avoid the supersonic crack.
  5. It's difficult to describe on how quiet it is. I shot a pigeon yesterday while the farmer was standing 20yds away and he said that it was fine. Neither of us required hearing protection. It's a combination of the subsonic cartridge and moderator that gives the sound reduction. I think that it's the supersonic crack that travels so this combination eliminates that.
  6. I have fitted the moderator to my hatsan escort with the full choke. These pictures were taken yesterday. I use the Eley subsonic 32g 5's. They only cycle if the gun is perfectly clean and lubricated.
  7. No I bought them from Kirklees guns but they’re out of stock. Malmo doesn’t post. York guns do have some in stock though at the moment. I phoned them last week. I’m not sure whether they post but it’s a fantastic gun shop so well worth a visit
  8. Ive only pattern plate tested with mine but impressed by the noise reduction with subsonic Eley 32g 5's. looking forward to trying on pigeons this year
  9. please let me know how you get on with the sound moderator when you try it
  10. I bought mine from Malmo guns in Lancaster. If you’re in the Holmfirth area anytime you’re welcome to a handful of the 24g Cheddites to try out Excellent which choke did you send and for which gun?
  11. I can recommend these 24g 410 cartridges from Cheddite. Subsonic. I use them in my Adler/Stealth. They’re sold as 7.5 (Italian) but apparently that’s a 7 in English shot size. Either way it hits squirrels and wood pigeons hard between 10m and 25m.
  12. That’ll be why you weren’t impressed. The subsonics are much quieter
  13. Don't look at the cost - look at the saving in not buying a bespoke hush power 12g. You also don't have to squeeze an elephant gun into your cabinet .
  14. Yes these are subsonic and cycling perfectly in my Hatsan Escort These are the answer ! They cycle in my Hatsan Escort with saddlery and gun room moderator attached
  15. It's difficult to say how quiet it is when you're shooting. You'd need to stand near someone shooting one to really tell. When you tried the 410 moderator were you using subsonic cartridges as this can make a huge difference?
  16. Have you tried the Eley Hushpower 32g 5's? They cycle well in my hastan escort.
  17. Yes its a brilliant modular approach. It allows you to shoot clays un-moderated one day and pigeons from a hide moderated the next day. And the Hatsan Escort is £260 (new) from my local RFD. So if you add £180 for the suppressor that's £440 for the whole set up.
  18. Yes that's absolutely right.The V3 choke is just the latest version of the choke which Hatsan supply with the Escort. I only fit the moderator when I get to wherever I'm shooting as it won't fit in any gun slip with the moderator attached. Also I always replace the moderator with a standard flush choke whenever I remove the moderator and before I put the gun back in the cabinet so that I don't inadvertently end up shooting the gun without a choke and damaging the choke threads.
  19. The after market-sound moderators are not as quiet as the fully shrouded (and drilled) barrels as would be expected (I'd be interested to hear the difference between an after-market moderator and a bespoke one with the same cartridge. My aim is to lower the sound just enough to not require ear defenders. One thing that I have learned from shooting my moderated Adler/Stealth 410 is that subsonic cartridges make a huge difference. Some normal cartridges are also quiet but some are so load that you wouldn't think that it was moderated at all.
  20. Yes. You send whichever chokes you like to the saddlery and gun room and they make them off into moderator ends. £180 for one choke modifying and the actual moderator. Then £60 for additional chokes. I had full and cylinder done. I got them so that I don’t need ear defenders whilst pigeon shooting so that I can enjoy the sound of the countryside and hear any magpie chatter.
  21. The cheddite 24g and 28g cycle most of the time with the odd jam The Gamebore Evo 28g won't cycle at all The eley hushpower 32g cycle perfectly The cheddite are marked as 21g but actually 24g. Available from Malmo guns who were very helpful
  22. Hi there I've just got a moderator for my hatsan escort with V3 chokes. It's excellent. I'm just trialing different subsonic cartridges.
  23. Yes I go to the boar most weekends
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