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  1. Leach

    Fun morning out

    There's one in the west Midlands somewhere never visited it wouldn't mind might be idea to get a donkey for heavy load of weekly shopping we do
  2. Leach

    Stock refinishing

    Take your time let it be a work of art
  3. Leach


    Our sister let's our mad dog out when the pigeons are around in our garden different with the rats shoot them things
  4. Glad to hear you don't eat junk food I can't stand it specially indian takeaways or chinnese I have 2 family members one would live on junk and spicy food a other member is all health food all smoothies etc
  5. Some silly ****** in the family thought KFC would be open on Xmas day because they don't like my cooking
  6. I live in the city and I do know what comfry is you can use it as a fertiliser around tomato plants also around your veg patch my old next door neighbors used to swear by it as they had plenty growing in their garden for their vegs I also used it too
  7. Sounds very nice but all them calories and pounds you will piling on
  8. Shame to get it destroyed you never know handing it into the police some of them might have it could give to someone as long as they got a fire arm licence a friend or relative
  9. Leach


    OK I can see it now it a short type
  10. Our dog had 2 phantom pregnancies and we was a told to get her spayed as she could get cancer so we took the vets advice she been done she is not very social around other dogs
  11. Leach


    OK I know now it's pcp type isn't it armrex type is it right what I looked them they are bulky
  12. That might be worth putting up you never know you might find out what it is and sovle the mistry just hope it is not refugees hold in it
  13. I was not around back then but you not the only that mentioned about them dates I know what I toldby other people the buses on high streets was stuck in the snow and people walked to work or school back then now every thing is now health and safety also every thing comes to a stand still
  14. Leach

    Tv programs

    Well I notice it averted on the TV I have not watched it myself of either of the programs as we pay for the TV licence we could do with some better just hope more descent shows come up
  15. Don't spend it all at once
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