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  1. Leach

    Cheese race

    Just hope the cheese race was worth it depending on the cheese
  2. Lidl did fo a prawn curry that was not too bad for the price
  3. Our mad dog loves biscuits from. The supermarket cheap ones of cause or she has lidls dental chews not as good as pedigrees but she gets greedy on them gravy bones too never have any thing from China you don't know what it contains
  4. Try bri mite or two hard bricks
  5. A member of the family had a similar problem with a spring in their bed sticking in their rear end didn't hear the last of it had to turn the mattress over
  6. Leach


    That's sounds rather interesting around yours never seen a grass snake in our neck of the woods only noticed a mink once down the canal years back
  7. Have a look around or ask around about a decent mattress place or a othapadic type might do the trick
  8. Try outdoors if there is any around your area
  9. We was shouting at the dog not the stuffed bear poor thing had flat legs at the end
  10. Well wouldn't mind but I don't know what tea he drinks
  11. We had similar experience with one of old dogs humping his bed and even a stuffed bear shouting at him made no difference he used to do it after tea time or in the middle of a TV programme
  12. Clamp and glue it place a bit of filler in the gap light down then re varnish it when every thi g is dry and set
  13. No wouldn't do it any way too risky
  14. Leach


    Abit too early for us around end of next month we get started plus the weather is still no too good
  15. Leach


    Have not had frogspawn for ages or any frogs in our garden for ages most be some years for us
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