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  1. Makita everytime for me. Ours get some serious hammer at work everyday and we have one that is probably 4 years old and still working well albeit a bit noisy. http://www.screwfix.com/prods/94244/Power-...-SDS-Plus-Drill Think I paid £345 for ours as I bought two at once. They have been dropped, used outside when it's pouring down and everything yet still work fine. Only problem we had was one charger going faulty and not charging anything.
  2. mr lee

    My baby!!

    I like that front bumper. Is it all steel or plastic?
  3. I was just about to type why I assumed the diffs would raise slightly then saw the error in what i was saying.
  4. Cheers guys. Off to the plumbers merchants tomorrow then for a pack of tap washers.
  5. a £2 washer is easier than a few hundred having someone fiddle with the boiler. *keeps fingers crossed*
  6. I'll look at that option first and then go from there. We had the boiler serviced last year Alex so i'm hoping it isn't that that is the issue....
  7. Combi system Alex. About 6-7 years old...
  8. Noticed this week my hot water tap downstairs has started to vibrate when you turn it on. Once opened further the tap does stop, it's just the initial flow that makes it do it. It's pretty loud and annoying. The water pressure is very good here and we have turned it down somewhat as the water would spray everywhere when you turned a tap on. We have also had a new watermain put in at the end of our road to the newer plastic stuff. Anybody got any ideas as to why it's started recently and how I can stop it doing so? Cheers.
  9. :P :P Sorry for laughing but Take her out with you DD.
  10. It's more your attitude towards builders/the construction industry fella that is your wrong doing. Expecting anyone to work with cheap tools, do a great job but threatening not to pay if it's not good enough then stating it doesn't need to be perfect etc. You also still haven't answered wether or not you would/could work with sub standard tools. It's called a public forum. No thread on an open forum needs an invite for anyone to comment in. I hope you do get the work done and done well but you really need to alter your attitude towards other trades.
  11. I'll exempt myself from that comment due to not being able to work due to a foot injury. We have more work than you can shake a stick at and appreciate it all. We do the best possible work we can, using the best tools we have and charge as we see fair. An honest days pay for an honest days wage. I can't wait to be back to be honest. Sat at home all day unable to do anything sends you crazy!
  12. Alex, the builders I know buy their gear rather than hiring it, so in a way then yes, they do also get a percentage of those costs added on. It's normally just added direct into their 'overhead' costs rather than being broken down into individual charges. I have been listening fella as has everybody else. Especially the point you made earlier about 'if the work is no good then you won't get paid' comment then your above post now about it doesn't matter if the mortar isn't right. Make your mind up. I notice also you only pick out the points people are making that suit you rather tha
  13. You don't get it do you? Just because he doesn't need to use his digger or any other tool on your job doesn't mean he still doesn't have to pay for them. If he has them on a credit deal etc everyjob goes towards paying for them. I haven't slated you for offering anybody any work and never would but please, don't patronise the building industry and the people who work hard for it by thinking you know everything about it and their needs. Thinking a tradesman can happily use a cheap trowel instead of a well used and trusted one is just daft! Imagine how much harder your own job would be
  14. *note to self, avoid standing too close to Alex when he is mass debating.....*
  15. Probably because cheap tools are ****. A builder generally needs his own premises which need paying for to store his gear, digger, mixer etc. Not everybody stores their tools in their garage. We have 2 fourty foot lock ups for all our gear and supplies. No way would all that fit into my garage. Those costs for the rental need to be paid for so a percentage of it goes on the bill.
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